Rocklands Parish Council (RPC)

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall

7.00pm on Monday 6th January 2014


Present :           David Howie                 Chair

Nicola Southgate         Vice Chair

                        Cath Jones

David Witt

Roger Steel

Kim Austin                    Clerk   


Also present: 3 members of the public.


1.   To consider accepting apologies for absence

RESOLVED To accept apologies from Cllr. Shirley Colenutt who is unwell and from District Cllr. Bill Smith who wasn’t able to attend.


2.   To record declarations of interest from members in any items on the agenda

There were no declarations of interest.


3.   To approve the minutes of the last council meeting on Monday 9th September 2013.

RESOLVED to approve the minutes that had been circulated prior to the meeting, as a true and accurate record of the meeting.  The minutes were duly signed by the Chair, Cllr. David Howie.


4.   To discuss any matters arising from the minutes, not on the agenda

Defibrillators: Cyril Ruffles gave an update. There had been a meeting with Matthew Moore from the Co-op at the Village Hall. It had been agreed that the best place for siting the equipment would be on the wall where the map is.  Mains would run to it from inside the gents’ toilets. Confirmed would be installed at no cost to Rocklands and running costs would be that of a 40 watt bulb.  Co-op had asked for any asbestos records as they would need to drill the wall.  Bit confusing as the wall to be drilled is solid block and not sure we have any records. CR may have a certificate from 2003 for the removal of the roof.  The council thanked Cyril for his help.


5.   To adjourn the meeting for public participation

Meeting adjourned at 7.13pm.

There were no comments from the public.

The meeting re-opened at 7.15pm.


6.      To report on Finance


6.1    Parish Council Budget and Precept 2014-2015

The Clerk had circulated the income and expenditure figures for last year and the current year to date prior to the meeting. Cllr. Howie went through his calculations based on these figures, looking at where there may be savings, any increases and any new expenses for the year 2014 - 2015. Cllr. Steel was keen that we ask for enough and not leave the Parish Council short and get stung by unknowns. He had been thinking of a 10% increase of £440. After some discussion it was agreed to set the precept at £4800 which would mean a 1p increase on the rates.  Cllr. Jones asked those members of the public present if they were happy with this and they were. Cllr. Howie signed Form B of the Precept Application.


RESOLVED to ask for a precept of £4,800 for 2014-2015. An increase of £400 on last year.

Action The Clerk to send Precept Forms to the Council.


6.2    Financial position 

The bank account balances as at Monday 6th Jan 2014

Barclays Community Account                                                                £    1,898.06 

Barclays Saver (Reserve) Account                                                         £       701.83

TOTAL as per bank     £ 2,599.89


6.3       Money in since last meeting

2/12     Bank Interest                                                                           £           0.09

                                                                                    TOTAL IN     £       0.09 

6.4       Cheques out (to sign)

CHQ 520          Rocklands Village Hall – Hall hire                                 £         70.00   PAID

CHQ 521           Kim Austin (Clerk’s Expenses – 4 months)                      £         42.32  

CHQ 522          Allpark Ltd. – Grit Bin (Reimburse Kim Austin)              £        108.00

CHQ 523          Pearce & Kemp – Underpayment for Streetlighting       £          16.44  

                                                                                    TOTAL OUT   £     236.76 

6.5    Standing Orders

Kim Austin                    Clerk’s wages                                      

Pearce and Kemp          Street lighting                                    

e.On                             Electricity       


Notes from the Clerk:

Chapel Green Licence

The Clerk has sent a letter to Mrs. Robinsons at Chapel Green Cottage requesting payment of £1 for the annual licence to display their house name plaques at Chapel Green.

Pearce & Kemp.

Prices go up in March but they don’t inform us so wrong amount is taken. If it were a Direct Debit it would change automatically and the correct amount would be taken, so keeping the accounts tidier.  The Clerk asked if she could change it to a DD in the future ?

RESOLVED the Clerk should change the payment to a DD so correct amount is collected.


The Clerk had received a cheque for £120 in the post the morning of the meeting from the Playing Fields.  £50 reimbursement for Vat paid by RPC and £80 contribution towards cost of external audit fee of £240.

Still waiting for £80 from the Cricket Club to reimburse RPC for the external audit fee.

Deed of Dedication

There will be a charge of £300 plus vat for SE Deed of Dedication being drawn up by Jackie Raggett at Daykins Solicitors that will be paid by CC/PF.


Ian Scholes’ (new Website Person) has now registered his details at Compila (Hosting Company) instead of Peter Smith.

Cllr. Howie thanked Ian for taking over the management of the RPC Website.


7               To consider planning applications.

7.1    Planning outcomes since last meeting

3PL/2013/0991F          HEATON/77 The Street – Extension/office (40) PERMISSION

7.2    Planning applications pending outcome

3PL/2012/0654/CU Breckland Storage/Swangey/Retail caravans  - (15)

3PL/2013/0721/F    Hockney/Nelsons Loke/Single storey extension (35)

3PL/2013/0906F     DUNNETT/Bridge House/Mount Pleasant (38)

3PL/2013/0951EU   LAWES/Oakglen/Stow Bedon/Breach of Occn. (39)


7.3    New planning applications since last meeting


3PL/2013/1057F          PTNRSHIP IN CARE/Anchor corner/Garage to Dwelling (41)

Neighbours not happy with things thrown over their hedge. Would like secure fencing between the properties.

RESOLVED NO OBJECTION to this planning application.


3PL/2013/1074F          SOUTHGATE/Rocklands Park Fm/Agri Worker Dwelling (42)

The Parish Council discussed the benefits of having farm workers on site where livestock was concerned.  No objection but assumed there would be an agricultural tie with the dwelling.

RESOLVED NO OBJECTION to this planning application.


3PL/2013/1061F           LEEDER/White Hart/Replacement windows (43)

There was some confusion as to the need for palling permission. Cllr. Steel said commercial businesses do need permission to change windows. Councillors were not happy that a drawing from a previous application for new houses on the pub site had found its way into the application for windows.  There was some debate as to whether the application should be withdrawn and resubmitted. 

RESOLVED NO OBJECTION to this planning application for replacement windows. But concerns were raised and asked that attention be brought to the inaccurate documents supplied with the application.


7.4    New planning applications since agenda issued

None since agenda was issued.


8       To update on White Hart and Rocklands Village Shop

White Hart. No update on White Hart. Rumours of games room and food etc on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Village Shop and Post Office (Cllr. Steel). Share offer opened on 14th December.  210 share holders representing over 40% of Rocklands’ residents and local people.  Share capital stands at ~£45,000. Sorting out contract with PO but haven’t had it back yet.

Interviewing for staff this week.

Have around 30 volunteers and hoping that volunteers will do 3 hours a week.

1pm on Saturday 22nd Feb 2014 – Post Office Shop will close.

1pm on Wednesday 12th March 2014 – Post Office – Soft Opening.

21st March 2014 – POST OFFICE – GRAND OPENING !


9       To receive update from Tree warden. (Richard Smedley)

There was no update from the Tree Warden.  It was noted that there had been a tree reported as leaning across the road at Low Lane, opposite No. 3.  Al Bainbridge had reported it to the council, probably Highways as he has a call ref.

ACTION: The Clerk to contact Tree Warden, Richard Smedley.




10     To update on Playing Fields. (Cllr. Howie)

The ‘nuisance’ floodlights had been redirected. Car Park has been finished.  Bit dark, maybe needs a few more lights. Recently, a lorry drove up to the goal post area and sank. A match had to be cancelled due to the mess it made.


11  To receive update on Highways

Trod and Hedge Cllr. Jones said Laura was thrilled with the Trod. It looks good but has become a bit weathered already with the heavy downpours. Some of the sand washed away and it looks a little unfinished.  People were expecting it to be tarmaced. Lots of people are using it which is excellent. Cllr. Steel says he uses it all the time.  Fingers crossed there isn’t a nettle/bramble problem later on. Cllr. Witt asked if the kerb could be painted as it is a bit high and he himself has clipped it in the dark.

ACTION: Cllr. Howie to speak to Paul Sellick (Breckland Council)


Streetlights Another streetlight (9009) reported out this month. The Clerk had reported this to Pearce and Kemp, Streetlighting Contractors. 9004 still not working. Has been disconnected as casing was ‘live’.


12  To update on flooding

There had been a burst water main in The Street but it had been fixed very promptly.


13  To discuss any correspondence

Cllr. Jones had had a letter passed to her from another parishioner from a lady at Cockpit Corner in Stow Bedon. She asked if the Councillors names could go in the Rocklander.


14    AOB (Agenda items for next meeting)



Date of next Meeting - Monday 24th February 2014, 7pm, Rocklands Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 8.27 pm.