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Minutes of Extra Ordinary Meeting called by Rocklands Parish Council
in St Peter's Church, Rocklands

7.00 p.m on Monday 27th May 2013

Present :
Peter Smith Chair
Nicola Southgate Vice Chair
Shirley Colenutt
David Howie
David Witt
Cath Jones

Kim Rushforth Clerk

Also present: David Jones,Harold Nealeand 3 other members of the public

1. To consider accepting apologies for absence
Apologies received from District Cllr. Bill Smith.
RESOLVED To accept apologies from District Cllr. Bill Smith

Cllr Smith welcomed everybody to the meeting.

2. To record declarations of interest from members in any items on the agenda
Some councillors have pledged money to the community project to purchase the White Hart Public House but have not yet paid any money.
3. 3. To consider nominating the White Hart Public House as an asset of community value as enacted in the Localism Act 2011.
Cllr. Southgate had been tasked to look at the information on various websites in readiness for this meeting. She reported that there were some very straightforward documents on the CAMRA website which explained the why and how of nominating an asset as one of Community value. The planning department and its processes do give some protection to assets but registration as a community asset gives more time in that, if the asset were to come up for sale there would be a 6 month moratorium. It would take approximately 5 weeks to register assuming the council are geared up to respond. By registering the asset, not only would it buy the WHA 6 months, if another company were to buy and open the pub, the registration would be valid for 5 years before needing to be re-registered.

The role of the Parish Council was discussed and it was confirmed that they would not become responsible for anything but would simply act as the conduit through which the application could be made. The Parish Council would be the link into Breckland council.


• The White Hart Association (WHA) to give firm assurances of the money pledged by 29th June 2013 (but not the actual money)
• The White Hart Association (WHA) to set up a community based Limited Company.
• WHA to get confirmation of their offer and acceptance of that offer by Mr. Mrs. Leeder.
• WHA to book village hall to present project status.
• WHA to open period, during which shares in the White Hart Community Pub can be purchased.

Cllr. Smith asked if it was the wish of those present to nominate the White Hart Public House to be registered as a Community Asset. There was a unanimous vote of support


• The Clerk would attempt to complete the application form provided for registering a Community Asset although there were a lot of questions about the property itself. Cllr. Southgate would help too.

4 AOB (Agenda items for next meeting

Cllr. Colenutt asked if there were any other assets the Parish Council would consider registering. e.g. playing fields, village hall, post office/shop ? The Parish Council was unable to discuss the shop at this point as it was not on the agenda but would be put on the agenda for the next Parish Council Meeting on 8th July 2013
The meeting closed at 7.50 pm.

16 Date of next meeting - Parish Council Meeting - Monday 8th July 2013. 7.00 pm Rocklands Village Hall

There will possibly be an interim"extraordinary" meeting to discuss community assets. Venue to be decided - The Hall, the School or the Church