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Minutes of the meeting of the Rocklands Parish Council
held on Monday 10th April 2006 in the Village Hall


P. Cotes (Chairman)
R. Steel
P. Smith
Mrs N. Southgate

W. Smith (District Councillor)

5 Parishioners

There were apologies from P. Leigh, Mrs M. Gibbon, J. Abel and County Councillor C. Jordan


The minutes of the Council meeting of 28 February 2006 were signed as a correct record


Any matters arising covered by agenda items



Community Account 606.42
Business Premium Account3734.44

There were no cheques outstanding
To be paid by standing order is the street lighting maintenance bill a sum of 34.31

To be paid by standing order is the electricity bill a sum of 72.61

Invoices to be paid

NCAPTC Subs 125.63

Clerks Pay ...... 28.67
Clerks Expenses 279.65 .... 308.32

Allianz Cornhill Insurance 486.91

All invoices passed for payment


Planning applications had been received for

Mr & Mrs Leeder, Rocklands - White Hart P. H, 47, The Street - 3PL/2006/0317/F - Proposed infill extension
The Council had no objections

Mr Bowell - Rocklands - Kantarta, Bell Road - 3PL/2006/0406/F - Extension to bungalow

The Council had no objections

Shropham - Shropham Quarry, Sangey Lane - P/C/3/2006/3012 (N.C.C) - Minor amendment to restoration scheme
The Council had no objection

Refusal of planning permission

Mr Mrs Thorogood - Rocklands - Rocklands Farm, Mount Pleasant - 3PL/2005/1981/F - Conversion of stables to dwelling


The Clerk reported that he had received a letter from N.C. C asking for objections or comments on The Norfolk County Council (Shropham, Rocklands and Snetterton) (7.5T Weight Restriction) Order 2006. This Order affects the road leading from Mount Pleasant to the border with Shropham Parish . Following discussion it was decided that there were no objections.
The Clerk reported that he had received complaints of mud on Scoulton Road on the bend where the new chicken sheds have been erected. It was agreed after discussion that the Clerk should write
Councillor Gibbon had sent in a report on the proceedings of the Attleborough Partnership, which stated that application had been made for funding to produce leaflets on the various local transport initiatives and that there was a shortage of drivers for the various community car schemes.
Councillor Gibbon continues that she had sent an April report to the Rocklander; had written to Christopher Fraser M.P., regarding the state of local transport issues; that she was considering putting a petition in the village shop asking for the reintroduction of a local bus, and on road calming, the matter is still being pursued


A letter had been received by the Clerk from Mrs Fisher, Secretary of Rocklands Playing Field informing the Council, as Trustees, that they had acquired a parcel of land 20x10 metres from Mr Reynolds for an extension to the Pavilion.

A letter from Breckland Council District Emergency Planning Officer asked if the Council could suggest a suitable venue for a Rest/Evacuation centre for the Parish. This is now required by The Civil Contingencies Act 2004, which places a responsibility on District Councils to have such centres available.

A letter had been received from Breckland Council informing the Council of the requirements of filling Casual Vacancies (Letter filed in R10/1 held by the Clerk) The rest of the correspondence was circulated to the Councillors.

There being no further business the meting closed at 8.05 p.m.

The next meeting will be on Monday 8th May 2006 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall and will be the Annual General Meeting