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Minutes of the meeting of the Rocklands Parish Council
held on Monday 2nd April 2007 in the Village Hall


P. Smith (Vice Chairman)
R. Steel
J. Abel

8 Parishioners

W. Smith (District Councillor)

There were apologies from Councillors P. Cotes, Mrs N. Southgate and Mrs M. Gibbon
The minutes of the meeting of 26 February 2007 were signed as a correct record
The Clerk reported on two letters from the Solicitors concerning the progress of the two land purchases at the Playing Field and Wayland Road.
Councillor Smith reported that he was meeting with Councillors Jordan and Dennis (of Great Ellingham Council) on the following day at the soft road leading from Mill Lane, Great Ellingham to Mill Lane Rocklands, regarding a possible cycle path between the two villages.
Any other matters arising were to be dealt with under agenda items

Community Account 673.33
Business Premium Account3810.61

Invoices for payment

NCAPTC Subs.................. 128.44
Clerks Pay and expenses...312.07

All were approved for payment

Due to the annual 5% increase in Street Lighting maintance,the Clerk asked for a letter to be signed authoring the bank to increase the monthly payments. This was approved.

Planning application had been received from

Kirk Hall Farms - Rocklands, Toad Hall - 3PL/2007/0269/F - Renovation and extension
The Council had no objections but commented that an access by car needed to be established

Mr Becket and Miss Worsley - Rocklands, Woodland Horses, Sandy Lane - 3PL/2007/0313/F - Standing of mobile home (Renewal) 3PL/2004/1981/F
The Council had no objections

Miss Allen - Rocklands- Land adjoining 17, The Street - 3PL/2007/0360/F - Erection of new dwelling and garage
The Council had no objections

Mr Wilson - Rocklands - 63, The Street - 3PL/2007/0449/F Erection of double garage and alterations to roof
The Council had no objections

An application had been received for the erection of 4 starter homes, conversion of a barn and erection of a bungalow on the site at 50, The Street 3PL/207/0000/F.
Due to the complexity of this application and village concern, it was decided to convene a special planning committee meeting on Wednesday 11 April 2007 at 7.30 p.m in the Village Hall

Planning permission had been granted for

Mr Barnard - Rocklands- Norrolds Farm - 3AG/2007/0002/AG - Erection of agricultural building to store grain.

It had been brought to the attention of the council that a business was being run from Holly Cottage, and that employees were using the parking space at the head of Chapel Green to the exclusion of the Mobile library and the occasional coach. District Councillor Smith agreed to take the matter up with planning

A letter had been received from Mrs Scase regarding the state of Low Lane.
Councillor Gibbon had been in contact with the Highway engineer regarding flooding problems in The Street, and this visit had extended into Low Lane and the state of the Lane had been brought to his attention and assistance promised.
The School Travel Plan has been completed. The school will receive a grant over the next year to pay for a cycle shed and florescent jackets for each child. Further safety ideas have been put forward.
Councillor Smith for Councillor Gibbon reported that the Highway engineer had attended the village and had agreed "without prejudice" to have the drains in The Street cleared and reported on and also any additional work needed on the offlets at the junction of Mill Lane and The Street
Nothing to report on this item
Items of immediate concern were brought to the Councillors attention and the rest of the correspondence circulated.

Councillor Smith stated that this was the last Council meeting that Councillor Abel would be attending as he was standing down at the election. He asked that a vote of thanks be recorded for Councillor Abel's help and his "quiet" comments during his years on the Council

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.0 p.m

The next meeting will be on Monday 14 May 2007 at 7.0p.m. and will be the Annual General Meeting