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Minutes of the meeting of Rocklands Parish Council
held on Monday 7 April 2008 in the Village Hall

P. Cotes (Chairman)
P. Smith (Vice Chairman)
Mrs C. Jones
Mrs N. Southgate
Ms S. Colenutt
Mrs Mary Gibbon

W. Smith (District Councillor)
C. Jordan (County Councillor)

9 Parishioners


Apologies were received from Councillor R. Steel
The minutes of the meeting of the 25 February 2008 were signed as a correct record


The Clerk reported that he had received a further letter from Greenland Houchen with the title deeds for the Playing Field extension.
With respect to the insurance he had spoken with Allianz Insurance and they stated the Council need only keep a register of visits to the ponds and any items needing dealing with regard safety etc. Register to be created.
An e-mail had been received on the acquisition of a second Flexibus and its duties. This to be circulated in the next transport circular.


Community Account 231.76
Business Premium Account3905.68

The Clerk also informed the Council that he had spoken with Pearce and Kemp Lighting Maintenance and had obtained a new three year contract, which for the first year would be 38.98 per month with an increase of 4% in each of the next two years. The contract had been signed off by the Vice Chairman

The Clerk further reported that he had received the first half of the Annual Precept. He had transferred in anticipation of the above invoices 800 from the Business Premium A/c to the Community A/c being unsure as to when the Precept would be received.

Invoices for payment
Norfolk Rural Community Council Annual Subs................... 25.00
Allianz Insurance Plc...........................................................559.00
Greenland Houchen Pomeroy Re land at Wayland Road ......399.66
NCAPTC Annual Subs........................................................ 133.28
D.L.Davis Clerk Expenses 11.41 Wages 304.54................315.95

These were approved for payment

Due to the retirement of Councillor Able a new third signatory was now required and a volunteer was asked for and Councillor Southgate so offered. The Clerk stated he would make the necessary arrangement for Councillor Southgate to be on the mandate.


Planning applications had been received from

Mr & Mrs Cooke - Rocklands - Homelands, Magpie Lane - 3PL/2008/0178- Construction of conservatory
The Council had no objection
This application has been approved

Mr Overton - Rocklands - Land at rear of Forestgate, Attleborough Road - 3PL/52008/0333/F
- Resubmission - Construction of two bungalows together with fencing and drives
The Council has again objected - details on file

Planning approval has been granted for

Mr Whiterod - Little Ellingham/Rocklands - Anchor Weighed cottage, Anchor Corner - 3PL/2008/0092/F- Errection of double garage

Application for planning permission has been withdrawn for

Mrs Firmin - Rocklands - 68 The Street - 3PL/5008/0092/O - Demolition of bungalow and erection of four dwellings

A resubmission of planning application 3PL/2008/0519/F Rocklands 50 The Street was received on 4 April and whilst it is still being circulated round the Councillors the matter was raised at the meeting and was fully discussed with parishioners living in the vicinity who put their views to the Council.
Following discussion the Chairman stated that the application varied little from the original and thanked the parishioners for their input, which would be included with the Council's reply. He again advised that personal objections should be sent to Breckland Council in the usual manner.


There was nothing on this item


Councillor Smith stated that work was progressing slowly and that he had been in contact with Colin Gibbard of Breckland Council who had stated that a consultant was being appointed to look into the flooding problems in the village. He had also made a couple of visits to view the situation himself.


Items of immediate interest were brought to the attention of the Councillors and the rest were circulated

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50 p.m

The next meeting will be on Monday 12 May 2008 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall and will be the Annual General Meeting