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Minutes of the meeting of the Rocklands Parish Council held on Monday 28 February 2005 in the Village Hall

P. Cotes (Chairman)
P. Leigh (Vice Chairman)
P. Smith
J. Abel
Mrs N. Southgate
Mrs M. Gibbon

J. Rogers (County Councillor)
W. Smith (District Councillor)

3 Parishioners


Apologies were received from Councillor Steel


The minutes of the Council meeting of 10 January 2005 were signed as a correct record


The Clerk reported that he had written to Mrs Southgate’s son thanking him for the work in Mill Lane and also to the resident in Chapel Street re the rubbish ion the kerb, which has now been removed.
The Clerk circulated copies of the Electoral Register to Councillors cautioning them as to the uses to which the documents could be used
Councillor Smith stated that he had had a meeting with Brecklnd's Tree Officer Mr Addison regarding Chapel Green pond. He had been informed that the reeds did not need a serious cut back but that a little removal late in the year would suffice. An Alder tree overhangs the pond and it was pointed out that the leaves that fell into the pond were detrimental. It was suggested that these branches should be cut back. Councillor Smith continued that he had obtained a quote from a contractor for grass cutting and removal on the Green of £ 210.00 which he thought excessive. He had spoken to Michael Steel the Tree Warden who stated that he would be willing to trim the tree and undertake grass cutting and removal. He asked the Council authority to approach Michael Steel for a quote. This was agreed subject to the necessary insurance coverage


Bank Balances and Reconciliation


Community Account£ 277.47
Business Premium Ac.£3848.70

The Clerk reported that he had moved £300.00 from the Business Premium A/c to the Community A/c to cover ongoing expenses and would be moving £200.00, so that a statement could be obtained at the end of March to enable the end of year accounts to be prepared

The Clerk reported that he had been unable to attend the Risk Assessment Course and the cheque raised had been cancelled

A letter had been received from Victim Support Norfolk asking for a donation. Clerk instructed to write explaining that the Council does not give to charities

The annual R.C.C subscription was due and it was agreed that the fee of £ 25.00 be passed for payment


The latest correspondence on this matter was read to the meeting. Discussion followed as to whether Tuesday or Thursday was the best day for a bus to visit the village. Tuesday was preferred as there is at present a once a month bus to Norwich on a Thursday and a second bus on that day would detract from the numbers using both. A taxi feeder service had been proposed to ascertain the need to reinstate a regular service. Councillor Rogers suggested that it might be beneficial for a representative of Transport to attend a Council meeting so that all ideas could be put to him and cut out the need for lengthy letters. This idea was met with acclaim and the Clerk was instructed to ascertain the feasibility of such a meting which would of course be needed to be well advertised


Planning applications had been received for

Jo and Chris Riddell - Rocklands - Manor Farm Cottages - 3PL/2005/0059/F - Erection of single storey, open sided timber entrance veranda
The Council had no objections - This application has been granted

Mr & Mrs Barnett - Rocklands - Chapel Green Cottage, Chapel Street - 3PL/2005/0074/F - Two storey extension at rear of dwelling
The Council had no objections - This application has been approved

Mr Holbrook - Swangey Farm, Swangey Lane - 3PL/2005/0234- Proposed secure caravan storage area
This application is for information only

Ridgeons Ltd. -Rocklands - Attleborough Road - 3PL/2005/0214/F - New concrete area and erection of Porta cabin
This application is in addition to 3PL/2004/0603/F but does not cover the alterations to the original application. Councillor Leigh to deal

Planning permission has been granted for

Mr & Mrs Fisher - Rocklands - Stone Lodge - 3PL/2004/1924/F - Barn conversion to one residential dwelling

Mr & Mrs Fisher - Rockland - Stone Lodge - 3PL/2004/1925/F - New garage and carport

Mr & Mrs Waller -Rocklands - Halfway Farm, Sandy Lane - 3PL/2004/F - Erection or garages and garden store

Mr S. Beckett - Rocklands - Woodland Horses, Sandy Lane - 3PL/2004/1981/F - Retain mobile home for a further 2 years

Mr 7 Mrs Smedley - Rocklands- Trappers Cottage, 29, The Street - 3PL/2004/1983/F - Proposed rear extension

Mr & Mrs Hall - Rocklands - Orchard View, Mill Lane - 3PL/2004/2019/F - Rear extension and rooms in roof

Planning permission has been refused for

Mr & Mrs Colchester - Rocklands - Cottage farm, Bell Road - 3PL/2004/1729/CU - B8 storage and warehousing for 4 Units

Correspondence has been received from Breckland planning Department regarding

Rocklands Site adjacent to Linden Cottage, The Street, notice that the application is going before the Development Control Committee on 7 February 2005

Rocklands - Sandy Lane - the Willows- 3PL/2002/1697 - Agricultural Occupancy Condition

Vacant and Surplus Land - Rocklands All Saints X000107 and Rocklands X000142

A letter had been received from Highway informing the Council of the implementation of the Traffic Management Act

The Clerk reported that Highway had removed the finger signs at the end of Chapel Street pointing towards Scoulton and the one at the end of Bell Road junction with Scoulton Road pointing towards Great Ellingham. It is hoped that this will stop some of the non-local traffic using the roads as a “rat run”

Councillor Smith brought the attention of the meeting to the hedge on the triangle at the end of The Street which requires cutting back. Clerk to make enquires as to ownership of the land, believed to be Mrs Firmin and request that the hedge be trimmed

A letter had been received from Mr Eyres asking if a footpath could be laid along The Street as a road safety measure. Councillor Rogers informed the meeting that footpaths are laid on a points system and that need has to be shown to achieve points i.e. accidents He continued that footpaths cost at least £140000 per kilometre. In view of the forgoing it was decided not to proced with the matter at present


Councillor Gibbon stated that she would attend the next meting on 9 March 2005 at 7.0 p.m. at the White House, Queens Square, Attleborough and report back to the Council

Councillor Leigh stated that he had had this item put on the agenda to try and get County Council type signs put up to show the Village Shop and the Pub as are to be found in other parts of the County. Councillor Rogers stated that the County policy was at present to check on all roadside signs and remove any that did not have planning permission. He continued that the type of signs wanted by Councillor Leigh were very expensive and it was not policy to provide them


The Chairman read the covering letter attached to this item and suggested that it was better that the document be included in the correspondence bundle so that Councillors could consider it at their leisure and discus it fully at the next meeting


The Clerk drew the attention of the Councillors to matters requiring attention in the correspondence. The correspondence was then circulated.

The meeting was then opened to the floor

The matter of non-attendance of the Police Parish Liaison Officer was again raised and the Clerk was instructed to make representtion further up the chain of command

Councillor Southgate presented her apologies for the next meeting

Councillor Rogers stated that he would not be present at the next meeting as he would be out canvassing and that he would not be attending again as due to the boundaries changes he would no longer be representing Rocklands.
The Chairman expressed the thanks of the Council for the many years of help and advice received from Councillor Rogers.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.25 p.m.

The next meeting is on Monday 4 April 2005 at 7.0 p.m in the Village hall. This will be the Annual Assembly, which will be followed by a Council meeting.