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Minutes of the meeting of the Rocklands Parish Council
held on Monday 26 February 2007 in the Village Hall


P. Cotes (Chairman)
P.Smith (Vice Chairman)
Mrs N. Southgate
Mrs Gibbon

C.Jordan, County Councillor

15 Parishioners

There were apologies from Councillor W. Smith (District Councillor)


The minutes of the Council meeting of 8th January 2007 were signed as a correct record


Any other matters arising were to be dealt with under agenda items


There being no new possible nominations and the elections being due in May, this item was adjourned with a request to the meeting that if anyone wished to be considered for the Council there would be at least two vacancies as Councillor Abel had indicated that he was stepping down. The Chairman also indicated that if re elected he would be standing down as Chairman



Community Account 770.39
Business Premium Account3789.18

Invoices for payment
The Audit Commission 58.75
This bill has been paid and required retrospective approval

A letter had been received asking for the Annual Subscription to the Norfolk R C C which as to be 25.00

These were approved

A letter had been received from St. Peters PCC asking for a donation towards the tidying up of the churchyard after the re roofing. This was discussed and it was decided that the Council, to be fair, makes equal donations to five recipients and that they felt unable to make a single one off payment. It was agreed that when this item is raised at the May meeting consideration would be given to increasing the donation to all recipients. Clerk to reply

A letter had been received informing the Council of the new external auditor and that next year the audit fee would increase after a five year fixed period


Planning application had been received from

Ms D Brown - Rocklands - Stone Lodge, Scoulton Road- 3PL/2007/0089/F
- Erection of a single storey timber framed conservatory
The Council had no objections
This application has been approved

D Wright - Rocklands - Corner Cottage, Chapel Street - 3PL/20007/0182/O
- Erection of one and a half storey cottage and attached garage & new access to existing property
The Council had no objection but were concerned on access to both properties and to the fact that the property will back closely to one in St Peters close

Planning Approval had been received for

Simon Callow - Rocklands - The Paddocks - 3PL/2006/1703/F - Siting of park home (renewal)

Planning Permission had been refused for

Mr W. Paul - Rocklands - Land r/o The Orchard, Mill Lane - 3PL/2006/1596/O - 2 n. residential building plots

A notification under The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 had been received from Breckland Council (3AG/2007/0002/AG) for the Erection of agricultural building to store grain. This was to replace an existing building
This was discussed and the Council had no objections


An E-Mail had been received from Great Ellingham P.C asking for this Council's support in asking for a cycle lane to be built from Great Ellingham to Attleborough with the possibility of an extension to Rocklands. This was discussed and whilst the Council agreed in principle to support the scheme,it was felt that there were a lot of practical problems of cost and location to be solved.

An E-mail had also been received giving the latest update on the control of noise at Snetterton Race circuit.

Councillor Gibbon reported that Mrs Dixon Head Teacher of the School had distributed travel surveys to the parents and had so far received a 50% response. It was hoped that this survey would help influence the provision of extra road safety features in the village, which the County seem at present unwilling to finance.


A letter had been received from Greenland Houchen Solicitors who have agreed to act for the Parish Council in the matter of the land transfer, giving details of Breckland Council conditions and related cost's estimated 350.00 plus VAT. The terms were acceptable to the Council and the Clerk was instructed to write accordingly.

The Clerk had enquired regarding the cost of safety signs for the pond and had been quoted Plate, backing board VAT and carriage 33.04, a post for same 9.42 with a total cost of 45.36. Carriage is 10.00 but would cover more than one item.
The Clerk was instructed to order three signs and posts.


A letter had been received from Greenland Houchen, Solicitors informing the Council of the Trustees of Rockland Paying Field intention of purchasing from Mr Reynolds a piece of land at the rear of the pavilion at no cost other than legal fees. This land to be purchased in the name of the Parish Council,but all cost would be borne by the Trustees. A trustee was present and stated that the land was required to extend the pavilion as due to the success of the playing field the present facilities were not sufficient to cover all the activities. He continued that the work on the extension would be covered by grant money


Following the recent flooding in The STREET after the recent heavy rain, this topic was again discussed at length covering the size of pipes, the filling in of ditches etc. It again came back to the problem that the disposal of surface water on each property was the responsibility of the landowner. It was pointed out that the Street unfortunately was in effect in a valley and all surface water naturally gravitates towards this area. Unfortunately there is nothing more the Parish Council can do to help in this problem


There has been no meeting of the Partnership


The Clerk brought the attention of the Councillors to items of immediate concern and the rest of the correspondence was circulated

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.

The next meeting will be on Monday 2nd April 2007 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall and will be the Annual Assembly which will be followed by a Council meeting.