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Minutes of the meeting of Rocklands Parish Council
held on Monday 25 February 2008 in the Village Hall

P. Cotes (chairman)
P. Smith (Vice Chairman)
Mrs C.Jones
Mrs N.Southgate
Ms S.Colenutt

W. Smith (District Councillor)
C.Jordan (County Councillor) 4 Parishioners


Apologies were received from Councillor Mrs Gibbon


The minutes of the meeting of the 7 January 2008 were signed as a correct record


The Clerk reported that he had received a letter from Greenland Houchen with the title deeds for the Land at Wayland Road and the Playing Field Extension and would be seeking advice on liability Insurance for the sites, also signage



Community Account 401.14
Business Premium Account3882.11

The Clerk reported that the electricity supplier had at last sent us a bill, which amounted to 475.94 including VAT. There had been several price changes in the last year but the Council was now paying on a monthly basis of 37.45 including VAT.

The Clerk also informed the Council that he was speaking with Pearce and Kemp Lighting Maintenance, to obtain the cost of maintenance for the coming year.

Invoices for payment

P. Smith Mileage Not previously claimed 18.80

This was approved for payment

A letter had been received from the Great Ellingham Scout Group asking for a donation. Following discussion it as agreed that the Council's policy of not supporting any outside the village requests should be continued. Clerk to write.


Planning applications had been received from

Mr Mrs Firman - Rocklands - 68, The Street - 3PL/2008/0029/0 - (Resubmission)
Demolition of bungalow and erection of four dwellings
The Council Objected

Mr Mrs Armes - Rocklands - Meadow House, 90 The Street - 3PL/2008/0082/F
- Extension of two storey side extension and detached double garage
The Council Objected

Mr Whiterod - Little Ellingham/Rocklands - Anchor Weighed Cottage, Anchor Corner - 3PL/2008/0092
- Erection of detached double garage
The Council had no objection

Planning permission had been granted for

Mr Billington - Rocklands - Walnut Tree Farm, Flymoor Lane - 3PL/2007/2007/F - Extensions

A Tree Preservation Order 2008 No 5 had been granted for the Chestnut tree between Chestnut House and Kantar, Bell Road, Rockland


Councillor Smith reported that the Flooding group had had a very productive meeting with Sue Hammond and Colin Gibbard of Breckland Council and Jason Glasspole and Sean Simpson of Norfolk C.C Highways on 18 February.
The main problems were identified as Low Lane. Drainage from the waterlogged land onto the road and the joining of the drainage from Magpie Lane and the Street into one pipe. It was hoped that the situation would be improved when the clearing of the outfall was completed.
Water draining into properties along the Street from higher land behind them.
The excessive water trying to enter the pipe down the Street beyond Mill Lane junction. The water coming down Mill Lane, the stream beside Green Lane and the stream beside the Village Hall.
Various possible remedies to these problems were discussed.
Breckland Council is to arrange for a Drainage Engineer to visit the village and it is hoped that a plan of action would be drawn up.


Lengthy discussion followed on this item with input from both the District and County Councillors. Whether the village should stay with or without a settlement boundary and the advantages and disadvantages were discussed. Growth of the village in respect to the flooding problem. Affordable housing. The main feeling was that in general the consultation document on L.D.F was not to the disadvantage of the village and when the next stage of consultation was received that is when Council input would be needed

As a side issue the Council attention was brought to the Mineral Extraction document with regard to the proposed site on the soft road between Mill Lane Rocklands and Mill Lane Great Ellingham; Councillor Smith to liase with Great Ellingham Council to provide a united front as to the access /exit route to the site preferred and then liase with Councillor Jordan.


The Clerk reported that he had found a collapsed drain at the pumping station end of Low Lane which he had had repaired.


The Clerk called the attention of the Council to a letter in the E.D.P from the Chairman of the Partnership stating that due to lack of funding the partnership was being wound up.


The Clerk drew the attention of Councillors to all time sensitive correspondence and the rest was circulated

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.25 p.m.

The next meeting will be on Monday 7 April 2008 at 7.00 p.m.and will be the Annual Assembly followed by a Council meeting.