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Minutes of meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7:00 p.m on 28th February 2011

Councillors: P.Cotes (Chairman)
P. Smith (Vice Chairman),
C. Jones,

County Councillor C.Jordan District Councillor W.Smith

Clerk: L. Defew

Five members of the public were present.

1. Apologies for absence

Councillors M.Gibbon,

2. Declaration of interests

Councillor Steel declared an interest in planning application 3PL/2011/0144/F Crossways, Chapel St - Re-build existing garage (re-submission)

3. Minutes of Council Meeting on 10th January 2011

Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed.

4. Matters arising from minutes

Streetlights - Councillor Cotes summarised the situation regarding the potential installation of a part night unit or second timer switch on the streetlights in conjunction with the photocell system and re-iterated the high cost of upgrading the lights. A comparison of the usage costs between the electricity suppliers ESPO and E.ON was provided and Councillor Cotes conveyed the potential for savings when the E.ON contract finishes at the end of May 2011.
BT red phone box - The Clerk conveyed information from Councillor Gibbon explaining that she is seeking someone with carpentry skills to help with the construction of the shelves for the phone box and may make an appeal in The Rocklander.
Glass recycling credit - Councillor Cotes outlined the error made by Breckland Council's Environmental Services in sending the remittance advice to the Parish Council despite correctly paying the credit to the Village Hall.
Grass verge damage - The Clerk explained that Serco had been contacted regarding the issue.
Grit bins - Councillor Jones explained that the grit bin near the school had been installed 20 yards too far down the road. Charles McIlwhan is intending to speak to Rod Kelly from Highways in regards to this issue. Councillor Cotes explained that the Thomas Mann Trust had not been approached in regards to payment for half of the total amount (of 132) for the bin.

5. Suspension of meeting for public participation.

The meeting re-opened

6. Finance

Cheque and paperwork authorised and duly signed for the following:
Charles McIlwhan (repayment for grit bin) 132.00, Lucy Defew (Clerk's expensesand mileage for Jan & Feb 2011)18.79,

The bank account balances as of 28th February 2011 were conveyed by the Clerk:
Community Account 404.32
Tracker (Reserve) Account 2,000.00

7. Planning

Planning applications received for:
The Chapel, Chapel Street 3PL/2011/0065/LB - Internal & external alterations and repairs. No objection.

Rocklands Mere Fishery 3PL/2011/0086/F - Minor material amendment to pp3PL/2010/1012/F in respect of an additional 3 metres to the approved extension. No objection.

31 The Street 3PL/2011/0013/F - Demolish barn & erect carport/garage/storage bldg & first floor extension to create 1.5 storey dwelling & garden room.
Objection on the grounds that it could increase the risk of flooding for neighbouring properties.

Crossways, Chapel Street 3PL/2011/0144/F - Re-build existing garage (re-submission). Previously no objection, therefore re-circulation not required.
Councillor Jones enquired about the land behind Mr F Reynolds' bungalow. Discussion ensued and it was established that planning permission would be necessary for a change of use.
Councillor Smith explained that the Clerk of Shropham had been contacted in regards to the application: Land North of Honeypots Plantation, Shropham Quarry, Variation of Condition 1 of PP C/3/2004/3028 to extend period of time of completion

8. Tree Wardens

No further information.

9. Highways

NCC letter - conveying responses from local councils, asking whether they want to take on some highways services.
Councillor Smith described the reduction of grass cutting on footpaths. County Councillor Jordan explained that this type of activity would increasingly now be undertaken on request, as it had been for some time. Further discussion took place relating to the issue, including the possibility of landowners cutting the grass on footpaths. Councillor Steel suggested the monitoring of the situation with a provision of local volunteers put in place, if necessary. Councillor Cotes enquired about the continued cutting of rural verges and County Councillor Jordan explained that this would continue for the coming year.

10. Flooding

Councillor Smith stated that there was currently nothing further to report. Councillor Steel explained that Ridgeons had agreed to provide materials for the work on the barrier dams down the ditch at the village hall but that further details were necessary in relation to the specific requirements. Councillor Smith agreed to remind Rod Kelly about this issue.

Councillor Cotes invited contributions from District Councillor Smith and County Councillor Jordan. District Councillor Smith explained that appointment for the senior management positions at South Holland Council are now complete. He reported that 20 jobs are at risk across this tier and that the Chief Executive should be making the announcement on Wednesday. The Council set the council tax level last week and it was reported that there is no increase this year and no cuts in services, however, District Councillor Smith explained that there may be changes next year as the Council needs to find another 800,000. There is a re-allocation of resources following the consultation with the public.
County Councillor Jordan stated that 1,000 jobs are being lost at the County Council. He explained that money is owed to the County Council from Central Government, which the Council is meant to be able to claim back. There are no current changes to the council tax. He explained that the majority of services will remain, but will be delivered differently.
11. Correspondence
Breckland Town and Parish Council Forum - Monday 14th March 2011
Bus shelter - Councillor Jones explained that one of the downpipes had been lost and subsequently retrieved. She also explained that although the tiles looked fairly secure, there is deterioration of the roofing felt and enquired whether the Council should put a provision into the future year's budget to cater for this. Cyril Ruffles explained that the felt was not intrinsic to the roof and described how the replacement of the felt was an extensive job. Councillor Steel agreed with this point and gave a further description regarding the structure of the roof.
Recycling centre visit 2011 - Councillor Colenutt and Councillor Jones explained that they have received confirmation that they are booked on the visit.
The Clerk was requested to re-organise the date of the next meeting as she would be on holiday for the current planned date, it was suggested that the meeting be brought forward to cater for the election deadline dates. Discussion took place relating to the AGM & Annual Assembly meetings and the process for the May elections. The Clerk was requested to send the closing date for nominations to Councillor Smith and Councillor Cotes so that it could be placed in The Rocklander.

11. Date of next meeting

To be confirmed

Meeting closed at 7.45 p.m