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Minutes of the meeting of the Rocklands Parish Council held on Monday 10 January 2005 in the Village Hall


P. Leigh (Vice Chairman)
R. Steel
P. Smith
Mrs N. Southgate

J. Rogers (County Councillor)
W. Smith (District Councillor)

1 Parishioners

Apologies were received from Councillor Cotes,Abel and Mrs Gibbon


The minutes of the Council meeting of 8 November 2004 were signed as a correct record


The Clerk reported that the drain under the gateway of Mr Reynold’s field adjoining Mill Lane had been dug out and a pipe laid under the gateway, this appears to have improved the field drainage and stopped the water getting into Mill Lane. Mrs Southgate informed the meeting that the work had been done by her son. The Clerk was instructed to write a letter of thanks. All other matters arising would be dealt with under agenda items


Bank Balances and Reconciliation

Community Account£450.67
Business Premium a/c£4148.70

The Clerk reported that the bank had changed the Business Premium Account to a Step Saver Account which meant that the longer the period between withdrawals would produce a better rate of interest. He added that he was having trouble getting statements from the bank but the matter was in hand

Invoices for payment
The Street Lighting direct debit had had to be amended as the original figure of £29.20 did not cover the V.A.T. This had now been amended and the correct figure is £34.31,on which can be reclaimed

Clerks Pay .............£258.25
Clerks Expenses.... £ 24.00
Total ..............£282.25

Audit Commission fees £ 58.75
(This item required retrospective approval as there was a 30 day payment clause on the invoice)

Both items were passed for payment

Councillor Leigh raised the question as to whether or not the Council should support the Tsunami Disaster Fund. Discussion followed and the fact that it is not Comical policy to support any outside charities was raised, but it was felt and agreed that this was a one off event, and that the Council should support the appeal to the sum of £50.00. After a vote, this was agreed

The Clerk reported that the 2003/04 Audit had been received back from the Auditors and was pleased to announce that it had been accepted after the amendment required had been made. The Audit report had been displayed on the notice board for the required period and had produced no queries.

A letter had been received from Norfolk Parish Training Partnership and offered a course on Risk Assessment that the Clerk thought he should attend, it was agreed and the sum of £25.00 was authorised for the course


The Clerk reported that he had spoken to the Attleborough Partnership on the subject of lack of bus service and was informed that there was to be a meeting with the bus companies to discuss the matter had written stating the Villages problems. On enquiry he had been informed that the meeting had been delayed till later in January.
Councillor Smith informed the meeting that he was liasing with the Shellrock group as to which day they would like the bus to operate as from his previous enquires he had received many alternatives and needed a consensus.
The Clerk was asked to ring the West Norfolk and Breckland Rural Transport Partnership to see what help they could provide the village


Planning applications have been received from

D J Colchester - Rocklands - Cottage Farm, Bell Road, 3PL/2004/1729 - B8 storage and warehousing for 4 units
The Council had no objections but concerns were expressed as to whether track cars would be serviced on site, noise of engines etc. Fire safety regarding storage of caravans etc.
A letter has been received informing the Council that this application will be considered on 17 January 2005

Mr & Mrs Waller - Rocklands - Halfway Farm - Sandy Lane - 3PL/2004/1951/F - Erection of garages and garden store
The Council had no objections

Mr C Garrod - Rocklands - The Willows, Sandy Lane- 3PL/2004/1979/F - Siting of a static caravan
The Council objected. Objections attached to planning application

Mr S Beckett - Rocklands - Woodland Horses, Sandy Lane - 3PL/2004/1981/F - Retain mobile home for a further 2 years (renewal)
The Council had no objections

Mr & Mrs Smedley - Rocklands - Trappers Cottage, 29, The Street - 3PL/0224/1983/F - Proposed rear extension
The Council had no objections

Mr & Mrs Moore - Rocklands - site adjacent Linden Cottage - 3PL/2004/2014/F - Erection of semi detached dwelling (1pair)
The Council objected. Objections attached to application

Mr & Mrs Hall - Rocklands - Orchard View, Mill Lane - 3PL/0224/2019/f - Rear extension and rooms in roof
The Council had no objections

Rockland - Shropham Quarry, Swangey Lane - P/C/3/2004/3031 - Extraction of sand and gravel and restoration to agricultural using inert infill materials
The Council had no objection

Planning applications and approval had been given to the following applications

P Dingle - Rocklands - Bowers Farm, Bell Road - 3PL/2004/1751 - Erection of stables

Mr & Mrs Neal - Rocklands - Rhylstone, Bell Road - 3PL/2004/1802/F - First floor rear extension

Mr & Mrs Callow - Rocklands - Karina, Lower Stow Bedon - 3PL/2004/1816/F - Siting of mobile home to provide annexe accommodation

C Garrod - Rocklands - Willow Cottage, Sandy Lane - 3PL/2004/1838/F - Garden room extension

Planning permission has been granted for

Rocklands Parish Council - Rocklands - Rocklands Playing Field, Green Lane- 3PL/2004/1524/F - To provide amenity lighting to new playing area/playing field

Planning permission has been refused for

Mrs A Firmin - Rocklands - The Old Fish Shop, The Street - 3PL/2004/1570/O - Residential development

Mr L Rider - Rocklands - Land east of Thieves Lane - 3PL/2004/1763/O - Erection of single storey dwelling and garage

Copy letters have been received from Breckland Council, Planning Enforcement regarding A. The Willows, Sandy Lane 3PL/2002/1697 regarding Agricultural Occupancy Condition and B. Foxhill, Sandy Lane ENF/2004/0533/PAR regarding the use of a mobile home

A letter has been received from Breckland Council regarding the sale of “Vacant and surplus Land - Rocklands All Saints X0007107 and Rocklands X000142” The Council had already submitted their views on a previous occasion and this was repeated in reply to this letter

All these three letters will be filed in File R22/1 maintained by the Clerk

A letter had been received from N.C.C regarding the thefts of mandatory signs in the County. The Council had no knowledge of problems in the village

The annual leaflet had been received on gritting in the County and it was agreed that if possible a case should be made for gritting to be brought from the B1077 through the village or at least to the school. To be reviewed at winters end

The Councils attention was brought to the items needing removal outside a house in Chapel Street which had been there for several weeks and had attracted complaints. The Clerk was instructed to write to the offending household requesting that they clear the refuse away as a matter of urgency.


The subject of dredging the pond was discussed and it was decided that this should be postponed till autumn 2005 which will allow enquires to be made as to a suitable contractor to undertake the work. Councillor Smith stated that he still had the letter regarding mowing of the Green

Councillor Smith reported that the web site was now operating properly after a technical hitch. He added that he was continuing to increase the subject matter of the site and was contacting older members of the village for information and photographs. Councillors reported that they had received compliments on the site.


The Clerk brought to the attention of the meeting that the act had now come into force and the implications were discussed. The Council had already agreed to the Model Publication Scheme for Parishes as laid down by the Information Commissioner (Corres. rests in File R12A/1)


The Clerk brought to the attention of the councillors such correspondence that was of immediate concern and the rest of the correspondence was circulated

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.25 p.m

The next meting will be on Monday 28 February 2005 at 7.00 p.m in the Village Hall

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