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Minutes of meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7:00 p.m on 10th January 2011

Councillors: P.Cotes (Chairman)
P. Smith (Vice Chairman),
C. Jones,

District Councillor W.Smith

Clerk: L. Defew

Five members of the public were present.

1. Apologies for absence

Councillors M.Gibbon,N.Southgate, County Councillor C.Jordan

2. Declaration of interests


3. Minutes of Council Meeting on 8th November 2010

Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed.

4. Matters arising from minutes

Streetlights - Councillor Cotes explained that the addition of time switches would result in a higher standing charge and described some comparison usage costs depending on electricity supplier. The Clerk outlined the feedback from Pearce & Kemp regarding the possibility of installing a part night unit or second timer switch on the streetlights in conjunction with the photocell system, the query about the types of bulbs being used in the lights and the cost of upgrading the lights. The Clerk was requested to circulate the response to the Councillors and add it to 'Correspondence' for the next meeting. Councillor Colenutt requested that Alan and Elaine Johnson (Post Office/ Stores) are kept notified of any potential changes to the lighting timetable. Extensive discussion took place relating to the lifespan of the streetlights and the potential for funding for their replacement. Councillor Cotes declared an interest in the Thomas Mann Trust and explained the terms of the available funding from the Trust. Councillor Smith described some of the feedback received while carrying out the recent streetlight survey and Councillor Cotes expressed the Council's thanks to Councillor Smith for the work undertaken on the survey.
Wayland Road and the Chapel Green ponds - Councillors Smith and Jones stated that the risk assessments had been completed.
BT red phone box - The Clerk conveyed information from Councillor Gibbon explaining that it is hoped that the shelves for the phone box will be built this month and that the bench will be moved from the bus shelter imminently. Councillor Smith explained that this had now been done.
Glass recycling credit - The Clerk outlined an explanation from Breckland Council's Environmental Services Officer that the error in the payment from the recycling credit scheme was due to the fact that the payments have been paid to the Parish Council since 2005 although the correspondence has always been sent to Mr J Scase c/o Village Hall. The Clerk conveyed confusion about this explanation and explained that the Officer had requested Mr Scase's email address. Councillor Jones stated that she could pass this onto the Clerk.

5. Suspension of meeting for public participation.

The meeting re-opened

6. Rocklands School Grit Bin

Charles McIlwhan was invited to explain the problems arising from a lack of a grit bin at the school. Mr McIlwhan conveyed the strong concerns about safety issues, for pedestrians and vehicles, which had arisen as a result of the recent icy weather conditions. He presented a petition to the Council with 31 signatures requesting a grit bin near to the location of Rocklands School.

7. Grit bin requests on the Corner of Bell Lane & Chapel Street and the crossroads corner

Councillor Jones conveyed a request from Margaret and Harold Neale for additional grit bins. Councillor Steel explained that the gritting on the main road doesn't cater for the crossroads area, where a lot of the school children cross the road. Councillor Smith explained that he had attended a meeting with Rod Kelly the Highway Engineer, who had suggested a location opposite Councillor Jones' house, near the fire hydrant, but had stated that the bank would need cutting away first. Mr McIlwhan explained that he had also had a conversation with Mr Kelly regarding this matter. Extensive discussion ensued relating to the various sizes and colours of grit bins and the associated costs. Discussion followed in relation to approaching the Thomas Mann Trust for a contribution with various concerns and possible alternatives being voiced and Councillor Cotes explained that the Thomas Mann Trust is only empowered to contribute to a one-off purchase as opposed to an on-going cost. Councillor Cotes also stated the tax advantage of the Parish Council ordering the grit bin. Councillor Steel proposed a vote in favour of the provision of a grit bin near to the school, as a top priority, and the vote was carried unanimously. Mr McIlwhan was requested to speak to Highways and then liaise with Councillor Steel and the Clerk in regards to ordering the grit bin. Councillor Cotes agreed to approach the Thomas Mann Trust once the Clerk notifies him of the cost of a bin. Councillor Jones agreed to inform Mr and Mrs Neale that the Council does not have the resources to install bins in Chapel Street at the present time.

8. Grass verge damage

The Clerk conveyed an email from John Rose conveying concern about the deterioration of many of the village's grass verges, particularly at the corner of The Street and Green Lane, caused by commercial vehicle drivers. Councillor Smith explained that this issue had been mentioned to Rod Kelly. The Clerk explained that Andrew Stebbings at the Highways department of NCC had been contacted and had stated that the area would be added to the routine inspections and be programmed in for repair work, if necessary. The issue regarding the refuse lorry damage had also been reported to Breckland Council. The Clerk was requested to contact Serco directly about the problem.
9. Finance

T 9.1Cheques to sign Cheque and paperwork authorised and duly signed for the following:
1. Lucy Defew (Clerk's expenses for Nov & Dec 2010) 16.16, Lucy Defew (Clerk's additional hours since April 2010 undertaken to organise the extensive archive filing inherited from the previous Clerk) 223.05, Village Hall hire 70.00
Cheques received:
UK Power Networks 39.75, Chapel Green Cottage Licence (for 2010 & 2011) 2.00

The bank account balances as of 10th January 2011 were conveyed by the Clerk:
Community Account 675.69
Tracker (Reserve) Account 2,300.00


Planning permission granted for:
Cottage Farm, Bell Road 3PL/2010/1015/F - Installation of a single 5kW 15m high wind turbine on existing agricultural land.
Rocklands Mere Fishery, Cemetery Lane, Chapel Street 3PL/2010/1012/F - Extension of fishing lodge to accommodate office & secure tackle room for expanding business.

Planning application withdrawn:
The White Hart, 47 The Street 3PL/2010/1223/CU - Change of use from public house to residential. Discussion ensued relating to the specifics of the pub licence and the legalities of the change of use on a property.

Councillor Smith explained that there is a new planning application for:
31 The Street 3PL/2011/0013/F - Demolish barn & erect carport/garage/storage bldg & first floor extension to create 1.5 storey dwelling & garden room. The Clerk explained that she would circulate the application, once received.

11. Tree Wardens

Neil Thomas conveyed Richard Smedley's apologies for being unable to attend the meeting and explained that the planting of saplings is continuing gradually.

12. Highways

Tracey Cook explained that the 30mph sign along Magpie Lane has not yet been repaired and Councillor Steel conveyed the location of other damaged signs in the village. The Clerk explained that Highways had been contacted in November regarding this issue. The Clerk was requested to notify Highways again to establish if they can rectify the problem.

13. Flooding

Councillor Smith explained that, during his meeting with Rod Kelly, two areas had been covered. The first being the work on Low Lane involving the linking of the ditch with adjacent pipes and the main drain, this work has been added to Highway's 2011/12 work schedule. Councillor Smith explained that the second area discussed was the work required on the ditch at the village hall involving building barrier dams down the ditch. It was explained that, although this is not strictly Highways responsibility, it has been agreed that Highways will provide the labour if the Parish Council provide the materials. Discussion took place relating to the cost of the materials and Councillors Steel agreed to approach Ridgeons to enquire about the potential for sponsorship or involvement on the Community Budget Scheme. Councillor Smith stated that he thought the Highways process would be to carry out the work and bill for the materials and he agreed to ask Rod Kelly about this point, in conjunction with awaiting feedback on the costings. Councillor Smith and Councillor Steel agreed to liaise on this matter.

14. Correspondence

People who don't ask Event, Norfolk Rural Community Council - Councillor Cotes agreed to notify the Clerk of an email address for the Playing Field Committee to forward the information onto them.
Norfolk Police Authority Open Meeting to discuss Police Budget 2011/12 - Thursday 20th January 2011 7 p.m. Jubilee House, Wymondham.
Recycling centre visit 2011 - the Clerk conveyed the dates of the visits and requested that the Councillors notify her if they wish to attend a visit. Councillor Colenutt and Councillor Jones expressed an interest in attending a visit and explained that they would discuss the dates further with the Clerk.
District Councillor W. Smith explained that the interviews are starting for the new senior management roles at Breckland and South Holland Councils. He stated that there is a Cabinet and Council meeting to approve the LDF site specifics and that the council tax will not be increasing for two years.
Discussion took place relating to the May elections and the date of the May meeting

15. Date of next meeting

Monday 28th February 2011 at 7:00 p.m

Meeting closed at 8:15 p.m