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Minutes of meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7:00 p.m on 11th January 2012

Councillors: P. Smith (Chairperson),
N.Southgate(Vice Chairperson)
C. Jones,

District Councillor W.Smith

Clerk: L. Defew

Two members of the public were present.

1. Apologies for absence

County Councillor C.Jordan

2. Declaration of interests


3. Minutes of Council Meeting on114th November 2011

RESOLVED to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed.

4. Matters arising from minutes

Mount Pleasant phone box - Cllr Smith enquired about the situation with the phone box.

RESOLVED Cllr Steel to establish progress and report back to the Council.

5. Suspension of meeting for public participation.

The meeting re-opened

6. Appointment of a Clerk

Cllr Smith conveyed the Council's gratitude to the Clerk for the continuation of work until the appointment of a replacement. A member of the public re-iterated their thanks to the Clerk.
Cllr Southgate outlined the progress with the interviews of candidates and there was unanimous agreement that the interviewing panel make an appointment to be confirmed at the next Council meeting.
7.Attleborough Parking Charges
District Councillor Smith outlined the situation explaining that the Chief Executive had been requested to review parking fees and that the current financial situation might result in charges being introduced. Extensive discussion took place regarding the matter with the suggestion of introducing a graded charge after the first two hours of parking.
RESOLVED the Clerk to write to Breckland Council in support of the proposal of introducing a charge after a certain time period to enable local people to support the local shops without being penalised.
The bank account balances as of 9th January 2012 were conveyed by the Clerk:
Community Account 768.40
Tracker (Reserve) Account 2,000.52

8.1 Cheques to sign Cheques and paperwork authorised and duly signed for the following: GW Accountancy Services Ltd (book keeper) 40.00 (November & December's 2011 pay run), HM Revenue & Customs 41.60 (November & December's 2011 payment), Lucy Defew (Clerk's expenses & mileage for November & December 2011) 17.16, Rocklands Village Hall hire 70.00.
The Clerk conveyed to the Council that that the electricity contract with e-on is a rolling, variable tariff agreement on a non-contractual basis. i.e. there is no countersigned documentation & the Council is free to leave at any time, as agreed in May 2011.

9. Planning

Cllr Southgate described the recent planning applications which had been received including the Shropham Quarry application which had been approved, and the following:
Holly Barn, Fen Street 3PL/2011/1131/F Variation of Condition 2 on pp3PL/2011/0411/F - 2 additional roof lights, extension to side of barn & detached garage/outb - approved
Spring Meadow, Bell Road 3PL/2011/1123/F Demolish bungalow & erect new bungalow & garage, C/U agricultural land to garden (retrospective) - approved
Beacon Farm, Fen Street 3PL/2011/1188/F Installation of a single small wind generator (14.97m to hub, 5.5m diameter blades) - refused
Chestnut House, Bell Road 3PL/2011/1234/F Erection of a single storey extension, comprising of kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge & entrance hall - application withdrawn
North End, Thieves Lane 3PL/2011/1362/F Proposed front extension (part replacement) & render to gable - no objection
Woodland Horse, Sandy Lane 3PL/2011/1407/F New garage and wood (fuel) store (with storage area above) - no objection
Rose Cottage, Fen Street 3PL/2011/1138/F Single storey extension, erect stable and retrospective change of use of land to domestic garden - no objection.
Cllr Southgate outlined a letter from Stephen Baker of Coach House, Low Lane in regards to a potential application for planning permission to build a four bedroom house. Extensive discussion ensued relating to the issue with differing opinions being considered.
RESOLVED Cllr Southgate to convey the Council's feedback to Stephen Baker.

Cllr Smith outlined the Holly Cottage Appeal inspection and explained that he might be able to attend the site visit.

10. Tree Wardens

No further updates.

11. Highways

Cllr Steel explained that the Highways Rangers had removed the bamboo which was breaking up the footpath near Ridgeons and that he had spoken to Mike Field, the Ridgeons' Manager in regards to the issue.
It was reported that the sweeping of the roads in the area had resulted in the rubbish being swept into the drains and that Highways had been notified. However, it was established that this was infact Breckland Council's responsibility.

12 Flooding

Cllr Colenutt queried a statement in a recent letter from Highways stating that the ditch adjacent to the village hall is in the ownership of the Parish Council. Discussion followed regarding the matter and Cllr Witt explained that if this was the case, it would only need clearing approximately every three years.
RESOLVED the Council to monitor the situation and organise the ditch's clearance, when necessary.

Cllr Smith explained the process to be followed during the planned drainage work on Low Lane.

12.1 Land at junction of The Street and Low Lane
Discussion took place regarding the ownership of the triangle of land on the South side of The Street with the concern being voice regarding the size of some of the trees. District Councillor Smith suggested approaching Little Ellingham's Parish Council who had recently had a similar issue.
RESOLVED Cllr Smith and Cllr Jones to enquire about this.
RESOLVED Cllr Steel to organise research of the Land Registry's website in order to identify the owner of the land.

13. Correspondence

The Clerk outlined an invitation to an Open Meeting to discuss the 2012/13 Police Budget.
The Clerk explained that the proposed dates for the 2012 meetings had been circulated
RESOLVED the Clerk to alter the date of the April meeting with Cyril Ruffles and circulate to enable Cllr Jones to publicise in The Rocklander.

14. Date of next meeting

Monday 27th February 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting closed at 8.15 p.m