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Draft Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7:00 p.m on Monday 7th January 2013

Peter Smith ( Chair)
NIcola Southgate (Vice Chair) Cath Jones
Roger Steel
David Howie
Shirley Colenutt

Kim Rushforth (Clerk)

Also present: District Cllr Bill Smith,County Councillor Cliff Jordan & 7 members of the public

1. To consider accepting apologies for absence

Apologies received from Cllr. David Witt who was out of the country
RESOLVED To accept apologies from Cllr. Witt

2. To record declarations of interest from members in any items on the agenda

There were no declarations of interest.

3. To approve the minutes of the last council meeting on Monday 12th November 2012

RESOLVED to approve the minutes that had been circulated prior to the meeting, as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed by the Chair, Cllr. Smith.

4. To discuss any matters arising from the minutes, not on the agenda

White Hart. Cllr. Smith gave an update on Rocklands White Hart. A meeting had been held on 11th December 2013, attended by the owners of the White Hart, Sketcher Partnerships, their agents, The White Hart Association, Rocklands Parish Council and District Cllr. Bill Smith. David Jones produced minutes. The meeting was constructive, giving a clearer understanding of the situation. A second meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 23rd January at 10 o'clock. Cllrs. Howie and Smith would attend and represent the Parish council. District Cllr. Bill Smith had arranged for a Breckland Council Officer to be present to provide advice and guidance.
ACTION Cllr. Jones to ask David Jones to book the sports pavilion as before.

5. To adjourn the meeting for public participation

Meeting adjourned at 7.06pm.
A drainage problem was described. Dams beside the field are not holding enough water back allowing ditch alongside main road to fill to the top. (First house past the Village Hall). It was suggested that the diameter of the pipe should be smaller and that the Highways Dept. could regulate the flow. County Cllr. Jordan would convey problem to Highways tomorrow.
ACTION County Cllr. Cliff Jordan to convey drainage problem to Highways Department.
Meeting re-opened at 7.10pm.

6. Finance

6.1 Parish Council Budget and precept 2013-2014
Documents from Breckland Council had been circulated prior to the meeting regarding new legislation that affected calculation of the tax bases and the parish precepts. These documents were however not easy to understand. It was decided that as the precept required had been calculated on the Parish Council budgeted spend of £4,450 for the coming year, that the amount should remain the same as the budget wouldn't change.
The Clerk mentioned that the precept did not include an amount for Solicitors Fees for preparing another Deed of Dedication that was now required by Sport England as security against their £50,000 investment in Rocklands Playing Fields.
RESOLVED The precept would remain at £4,450
RESOLVED Playing Fields should be asked if they would pay for this dedication to be prepared, estimated at £150-£200.
ACTION Clerk to write to Playing Fields before their meeting on 10th Jan 2013

6.2 Financial Position
The bank account balances as at Monday 7th January 2013
Barclays Community Account............ £1134.36BR> Barclays Saver (Reserve) Account... £ 1201.35
(The Clerk had today transferred £1000 from saver account to community account.)

6.3 Cheques in
Consolidated Stock..............................................................£0.28
(Note: Expecting £4425.53 from Sport England but not arrived yet.)

6.4 Cheques out (to sign)
CHQ 493 Greenland Houchen Solicitors - Fields in Trust Deed ........... £340.00
CHQ 494 Sue Steel – Land Registry searches ....................£32.00
RESOLVED to authorise the following payments. Cheques and paperwork duly signed.

6.5 Standing Orders/Direct Debits
Kim Rushforth (Clerk's wages)
Pearce and Kemp (Street Lighting)
E.on (Electricity)

7.0 To consider planning applications.

7.1 Planning outcomes since last meeting
There were no planning outcomes received since the last meeting.
Although Cllr. Smith reported that;
3PL/2012/1057/F – Batch (Paul Took) – Holly Cottage 21 had been REFUSED

7.2 Planning Applications pending outcome
Cllr. Smith reported on planning applications pending.
3PL/2012/0654/F - Breckland Storage/Swangey/Retail caravans - 15
PP/C/3/2012/3005 - Shropham Quarry/Restore to agriculture land – 07

7.3 New planning applications since last meeting
There were no planning applications received since the last meeting.

7.4 New planning applications since agenda was issued

8. To receive update from Tree Warden(Richard Smedley)

There was no update from the Tree Warden
9. To update on Playing Fields
Playing Fields: : Cllr. Howie reported that the pitches and nets would be relocated. The car park and play area would be revamped. The committee was currently operating without a chairperson. There had been a complaint about car parking during a big footbal match recently. Cllr. Howie was concerned that the car park shouldn't get any smaller.
10. To receive update on Highways
Meeting adjourned at 7.43 for public participation
Crossing the RoadTwo members of the public, Nora Spratt and Shena Scholes discussed difficulties with crossing the main road from Rigeons to Rocklands to take children to school. Both mums explained the difficulties with crossing the road safely. They talked about problems with speeding, overtaking and dangerous driving. Adults are vulnerable as well as children and people are put off walking to school because of crossing the road. They said cars travelled along this stretch of road between 40 and 60 mph and asked if there was any chance that the limit could be reduced to 30mph or perhaps a flashing '30' or 'slow down'. They asked if there were a possibility of a drop kerb (close to the junction) to make crossing easier with prams and buggies. County Cllr. Jordan mentioned low cost footpaths (Trods). The mums also mentioned a drop kerb and pavement to Wayland Close. There has been a petition running in the village to canvas opinion and to try and get something done regards making the village a safer place.

County Cllr. Jordan said it is impossible to stop people speeding but agreed to put the problem forward for an assessment. There had however already been an assessment in the past. Disappointing that people have to be injured before anything can be done.
Meeting re-opened at 8.00pm


Delivering Local Highway Improvements. A document from Breckland Council had been distributed prior to the meeting. It explained that £100,000 of the 2012/2013 highway improvement budget was available for working in partnership with Parish and Town Councils to share the cost of small scale improvements, This is 'match funding' where the parish or town would have to find half the amount. It detailed acceptable improvements as footways, trods, improved crossing facilities and improvements to Public Rights of Way (PROW). Councillor Cath Jones agreed to work with the two mums to submit a bid before the deadline of the end of March. Possibly approach Ridgeons and Mann Trust for their support.
Mud on roads. Cllr. Jones mentioned the state of the roads. Cllr. Southgate said that tractors were struggling in the wet conditions, sinking in the mud up to their axles, which was adding to the problem.
11. Flooding
Discussed where the new electric water pump should be stored when the Parish Council gets one.
RESOLVEDTo get a new pump
ACTION Cllr. Steel to get pump and label as property of RPC. 12 Correspondence
12. Correspondence
13. AOB(Agenda Items for next meeting)
The meeting closed at 8.05 pm.

14. Date of next Parish Council Meeting - Monday 25th February 2013 at 7pm in Rocklands Village Hall