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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7.00 p.m on Monday 8th July 2013

Present :
Peter Smith Chair
Nicola Southgate Vice Chair
Shirley Colenutt
David Howie
David Witt
Cath Jones
Roger Steel

Kim Rushforth Clerk

Also present: 7 members of the public

1. To consider accepting apologies for absence
Apologies received from Alan Fisher (Playing Fields) who is away and District Cllr. Bill Smith who has prior engagements.

RESOLVED To accept apologies from Alan Fisher and District Cllr. Bill Smith
2. To record declarations of interest from members in any items on the agenda
Cllr. Howie declared an interest in Planning Application 3PL/2013/0569F as the applicant was his neighbour.
RESOLVED To accept this declaration of interest and ensure that Cllr. Howie left the meeting at the appropriate time, whilst the Planning Application was discussed.
3. To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting on Monday 13th May 2013
RESOLVED to approve the minutes that had been circulated prior to the meeting, as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed by the Chair, Cllr. Smith.
It had previously been noted that point 10.1 Highways in the February 2013 minutes should have read Norfolk County Council and not Breckland. The Clerk had corrected this item and the updated minutes were duly signed by the Chair, Cllr. Smith

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the extraordinary meeting held on Monday 27th May 2013 at St. Peter’s Church, Rocklands to discuss nominating the White Hart as a community asset, as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting, and were duly signed by the Chair, Cllr. Smith.

4. To discuss any matters arising from the minutes, not on the agenda
There were no matters arising from the minutes
5. To adjourn the meeting for public participation
Meeting adjourned at 7.05pm.
There were no comments from the members of the public that were present
The meeting re-opened at 7.06pm.
6 Appointment of a new solicitor
The Clerk updated the councillors on the situation with the current solicitors at GHP in Attleborough. The Clerk had gone into the solicitors’ office for a second time because still nobody had contacted her to explain what was happening. There was no apology for not being kept informed. They simply said the Parish Council should have known Robert Plumbly had retired as it had been in the local papers. They said they weren’t holding any deeds or paperwork for Rocklands but found upon checking that they did hold at least two sets. They confirmed they would need a letter of release signed by the Chair of the Parish Council. The Clerk had drafted a letter to send to the partners at GHP to make the complaint official and to confirm that all documents held by GHP should be released to the Clerk. Cllr. Smith agreed to review/amend the draft letter and send to GHP.

The secretary at GHP said they had done some work but hadn’t been able to complete the Deed of Dedication for Sport England because Sport England hadn’t got back to them and that was back in March.

RESOLVED to appoint new solicitors. Proposed by Cllr. Jones and seconded by Cllr. Colenutt.
There was some discussion as to whom to appoint. The Clerk had spoken to the Clerk for Great Ellingham and found they also used GHP and were dissatisfied with the service. Cllr. Southgate agreed to email District Cllr. Bill Smith for his advice. Nick Hancox in Norwich was one suggestion. Cllr. Steel confirmed it needed to be someone au fait with Parish Councils. Perhaps speak to Martin Walker (Playing Fields) for recommendations. The Clerk asked if there were a definitive list of those documents that GHP should have. Peter Cotes, the previous chair may know, but it was thought, Playing Fields, Village Hall, Chapel Green and Wayland Green.

7. The White Hart and Rocklands Village Shop
White Hart David Jones gave an update. A prospectus was being produced that would go to as many people as possible outlining the position and allowing them to know exactly what they were buying into. David agreed the timescales were tight for getting the money together, but said, as long as they received £150,000 of what had been pledged then they would know they could go forward with a low interest bank loan. They would be receiving advice from the Plunkett Foundation by the 24th August. Cllr. Steel asked if BReckland Council had their processes in place to deal with the registering of community assets.

Village Shop. Cllr. Steel, chairman of the Steering Committee, confirmed that they were progressing rapidly although officially, they were only in their second week. Needed to decide whether to be a CIC or an IPS. Plunketts would deal with the legal side of things. Would need some initial capital, for shop refit etc. £20,100 had already been pledged – for which there would be a repayment plan. Barry Duffin of the Norfolk Rural Community Council would assist in raising funds as his expertise was knowing where the grants were. Would look at sharing with the pub to realise any economies of scale (drinks/meat). It was reconfirmed that the shop was not to be put on the register as a community asset.

8. Public transport – Park and ride costs
Cllr. Jones outlined an article that had appeared in the paper, which said that park and ride costs were to increase considerably. It was suggested this would be a retrograde step and people would go back to driving. The village had lost all public transport and there did not appear to be a concessionary rate for OAPs. Cllr. Jones would like to register that the Parish Council does not think it a good idea to increase the prices. Would need to send a letter.
RESOLVED To write a letter. Cllr. Jones to write and copy in, County Cllr. Cliff Jordan.
9. To report on Finance
9.1 Financial position
The bank account balances as at Monday 8th July 2013:
Barclays Community Account..........................£12,227.42
Barclays Saver (Reserve) Account. ................ £ ....701.65
TOTAL........................................................ £ 12,929.07

9.2 Money in since last meeting
Consolidated Stock ..................... .......................................................£0.28
Sport England -Playing Fields -for Stuart Canvas/planning/maps.. £10,427.00
Interest on Barclays Saver Account ......................................................£0.10

9.3 Cheques out (to sign)
CHQ 499 Sport England (3 invoices for planning/maps) .................£228.10
CHQ 500 Michaela Canham (Internal Audit of Accounts)..................£25.00
CHQ 501 Sport England (Stuart Canvas) Match Pitch ................£10,119.34
Resolved to authorise the following paymentsCheques and paperwork duely signed.

9.4 Standing Orders/Direct Debits
Kim Rushforth (Clerk’s wages)
Pearce and Kemp (Street Lighting)
E.on (Electricity)

End of Year Accounts
Year end is 31st March
Internal Audit was completed by MIchaela Canham
Accounts sent to External Audit(Mazars) to reach them by 5th July 2013 Deadline

10. To consider planning applications.
10.1 Planning outcomes since last meeting
3PL/2013/0303/F – Mr D. Leslie/14 The Street – 30 PERMISSION
3PL/2013/0366/F – Andrew Wood/Ash Tree House – 31 PERMISSION
There was some confusion over Rocklands Mere (3PL/2013/0261/F) as it was understood permission had been granted but still appears on the planning website as awaiting decision.

10.2 Planning applications pending outcome
3PL/2012/0654/CU - Breckland Storage/Swangey/Retail caravans - 15

10.3 New planning applications since last meeting
3PL/2013/0499/F – Charles Mcilwhan/Elm View Mill Lane/Replacement dwelling – 32
The replacement dwelling was to have a very similar footprint to the existing dwelling. The roof would be slightly higher than existing but would be the same as next door. Cllr. Jones had tried to speak with the neighbours.
RESOLVED No objection.

3PL/2013/0562/F – Irwin/Mill Farm/Chicken Sheds – 33
New chicken sheds were to replace the old chicken sheds that were burnt down in a fire.
RESOLVED No objection.

3PL/2013/0569/F – Delamare/Kamia Lodge 40 The Street/Two double garages – 34
Cllr. Howie left the room as he had previously made a declaration of interest in this application as he was an adjoining neighbour. The applicants Mr. Mrs. Delamare were present.
Cllr. Witt started the discussions and there several reasons for objection. The landscaping at the front of the house was magnificent and it this would be ruined as a result of the planned work. The proposed garages were industrial style and would not look good, would be out of character and would be visible from the road. Concrete bases can severely affect pre-existing flooding problems in the village if drainage were not properly considered. The concrete footprint for two double garages was large and without soakaways. Hedging was currently 15’ high with telephone and electric cables running across. Council say hedging should be 2m high only. Cllr. Smith asked Mr. Delamare if he would like to respond. Mr. Delamare said the front garden was overgrown. His view was that the garage structure although sectional did not look industrial and that there were already some of the same construction in The Street. They also had them in the house they are currently moving out of. Cllr. Jones explained how the Parish Council looks at all concrete footprints to ensure drainage issues have been covered properly, because of the pre-existing flooding problem in the village. Cllr. Smith explained the problem with concrete bases and rapid run-off from roofing and how bases decrease the area for water to run away and soak in naturally. Cllr. Steel explained how The Street was built over a river valley and how during very heavy rain The Street becomes torrents of water. Cllr Smith asked if there were any more comments and Cllr. Witt said he would like that the application were opposed. Cllr. Smith explained the process whereby the Parish Council are consulted.
RESOLVED To object to this application on the grounds of the flooding risk that it could cause due to the additional concrete footprint.

10.4 New planning applications since agenda was issued
None since agenda was issued

11. To receive update from Tree warden. (Richard Smedley)
There was no update from the Tree Warden. Cllr. Jones confirmed that the dangerous tree that had recently been investigated was now deemed ‘safe’ by the council.
12. To update on Playing Fields(Alan Fisher)
The Clerk read out the update provided by Alan Fisher. The cricket nets and artificial cricket strip had been installed. The fencing had been completed and the play area was now completely enclosed with gate access at both ends. Alan was hopeful that the work on the car park would be carried out in the very near future.
13. To receive update on Highways
Delivering Local Highway Improvements. Cllr. Jones confirmed that they had been successful in their request for funding. Well done Cath. Rocklands would need to contribute £3,000 towards the overall cost of the work at £12,000. Norfolk County Council would fund the rest. There was a form to sign but a cheque for £3,000 needed to be included with it.
RESOLVED The Parish Council would approach the Mann Trust for funding.
14. To update on Flooding
No flooding since the last meeting. Village Hall had paid to have the ditch cleared out.
14 Correspondence
Road closure. The road would be closed for two days, 24th and 25th July 2013. Cllr. Steel had posted the council notice on the notice board recommending which roads to use instead.
Electoral Registration canvassers. The council were looking to recruit canvassers in the area. A poster was placed on the notice board.
15 AOB (Agenda items for next meeting
It was asked if there were any news on installation of the defibrillator by the Co-op. There had been no progress and no communication.
The meeting closed at 8.26 pm.

16 Date of next meeting - Parish Council Meeting - Monday 9th September 2013. 7.00 pm Rocklands Village Hall