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Minutes of the meeting of the Rocklands Parish Council
held on Monday 25 July 2005 in the Village Hall


P. Cotes (Chairman)
P. Leigh (Vice Chairman)
P. Smith
J. Abel
Mrs N. Southgate
C. Jordan (County Councillor)

4 Parishioners

The Chairman welcomed County Councillor C. Jordan on his first attendance at the Council meeting following his recent election to the ward, and also Chief Superintendent Alan Hayes


Apologies were received from Councillor M. Gibbon and W. Smith (District Councillor)


The minutes of the Council meeting of 9 May 2005 were signed as a correct record
The Clerk reported that he had written to Great Ellingham Parish Council stating that the Council was in agreement with the proposal to hold joint meetings to discuss matters of mutual interest
Chief Superintendent Hayes opened by introducing himself and stating that he had transferred to Norfolk from the Royal Ulster Constabulary about three years ago. He stated that Norfolk constabulary was divided into four regions and that he was responsible for the Western region an area of some 1064 square miles. This area stretches from Kings Lynn down through Breckland to Thetford. It is policed by 373 officers, 67 special constables and 15 P.C.O's with about 100 civilian back up staff.
On the matter of crime he informed the meeting that in an average 24 hours there were 5 auto related crimes and 1.3 domestic burglaries which he felt made Norfolk a very safe place to live.
In partnership with local authorities to deal with minor crimes and anti social behaviour, A.S.B.Os and Dispersal Orders were implemented. As regard to serious crime and persistent offenders they were using more pro active methods of policing, in that the small number of known criminals were targeted and made aware that they were being targeted. He continued that this required officers being employed in plainclothes to carry out observations but their lack of uniformed presence was counterbalanced by the employment of P.C.Os who were proving effective.
With regard to new innovations Auto Vehicle recognition units were now being deployed,which can give an instant feed back on ownership, licensing and any other recorded information on the vehicle. He added that the new type radio the force were being issued with, would allow members of the public to be able to talk directly to a specific officer via the telephone system. He concluded by stating that the types of activities encountered by police was altering, as they are now involved with computer crime , terrorism, pornography and Raves, all of which were an extra strain on police resources.

The Chairman thanked Chief Superintendent Hayes for his briefing.


Community Account 838.74
Business Premium Account3678.82
This now includes 66.34 V.A.T refund

Invoices for payment

Mrs J.Parker Internal Audit11.52
Clerk's Pay279.65
Clerk's Expenses18.59298.24
Both invoices passed for payment

AUDIT The Clerk reported that he had received the Audit papers back from the Internal Auditor who was satisfied with the audit, but had one small comment in that the Statement of Account sheet should be signed by the Chairman and Clerk. This was done

DONATIONS It was agreed that the usual donation of 50.00 should again be made to the three Churches, Village Hall and Playing Field for the maintenance of the churchyards and grounds

The Clerk reported that he had received a letter from EDF Energy requesting an update on the Unmetered Supplies Certificate. This has now been dealt with.

Councillor Smith was authorised to put in hand grass cutting and reed clearance on Chapel Green.

A letter had been received from Norfolk Accident Rescue Service asking for a donation. The Clerk was instructed to reply with the usual refusal letter.


Planning applications have been received for

Mr & Mrs G Eke -Rocklands - 2, Rectory Road - 3PL/2005/0592/F - Extension to dwelling
The Council had no objection
Planning permission has been granted

Mr D. Dunnett - Rocklands - Oaklnds House, Mount Pleasant - 3PL/2005/0662/F - Lean to extension to existing building to house tractor, trailer and implements
The Council had no objections
Planning permission has been granted

Mr H Irwin - Rocklands - Common Farm - 3PL/2005/0778 - 0779 - 0780 - 0781 - Erection of free-range chicken sheds (4)
The Council had no objections but made comments regarding this application

Norfolk County Council - Rocklands Community Primary School - Y/3/2005/3008 - Change of use of garden building to Class Base
The Council had no objections

Planning permission has been granted for

D & P Colchester - Rocklands - Cottage Farm, Bell Road - 3PL/2005/0368/CU - Change of use from poultry shed to B8 storage

Mr & Mrs Annison - Rocklands - Moorfield, Mount Pleasant - 3PL/2005/0470/F - Errection of new dwelling and garage to replace existing

Mr P Rutter - Rocklands - Yeoman's Cottage, 1, Low Lane - 3PL/2005/0502 -3/F - Erection of replacement garage and timber framed conservatory

Outline planning permission was refused for

Mrs A Firmin - Rocklands - Ex The Old Fish Shop, The Street - 3PL/2005/0359/O - residential development

A notice of appeal has been received regarding application 3PL/2004/1763/O Rocklands - Land East of Thieves Lane

A letter has been received stating that the enforcement notice issued on Foxhill, Fen Street, will no longer be pursued as the caravan is not being used for residential purpose

An enforcement notice has been issued against The Willows, Sandy Lane, Rocklands regarding " Without planning permission, to change of use of the land for agriculture to a mixed use of agriculture and the standing and residential use of a caravan on the land"


It was brought to the attention of the Council that there had been complaints of gravel on the footway outside The Old Fish Shop. Clerk to speak to Serco the street cleaning contractors


The Chairman informed the meeting that there was going to be another meeting on public/local transport and that he and /or Councillor Gibbon would attend. The latest newsletter was included in the circulation bundle

Councillor Abel informed the meting that Fr Ken Reeve was to hold a meeting on this subject and the council offered what support it could to help this event


This item was adjourned so that a working party could attend the home of Councillor Southgate on 15 August at 7.30 p.m. to discuss this subject at length


Items of immediate interest were brought to the attention of the Councillors and were then circulated with the rest of the correspondence

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50 p.m

The next meeting will be held on Monday 12 September 2005 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall