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Minutes of meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7:00 p.m on 26th July 2010

Councillors: P.Cotes (Chairman)
P. Smith (Vice Chairman),
S. Colenutt,
M. Gibbon
C. Jones,
Clerk: L. Defew

Three members of the public were present.

1. Apologies for absence

N.Southgate,R.Steel,County Councillor C.Jordan, District Councillor W.Smith

2. Declaration of interests

No interests were declared.

3. Minutes of Council AGM on 10th May 2010

Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed.

4. Matters arising from minutes

BT red phone box - Councillor Cotes re-iterated that the Youth Club have stated that they are not taking over the responsibility of the phone box. Councillor Gibbon explained that the bookshelves have not yet been put in. Discussion ensued relating to the electricity supply and light in the phone box and Councillor Gibbon explained that an additional contract had been completed in relation to BT paying the standing charge and electricity costs.

5. Suspension of meeting for public participation.

The meeting re-opened
6. Finance
Letter to Barclays for increase in standing order amounts for Pearce & Kemp (Electrical & Lighting Contractors) and the Clerk's salary due to scale increase. Letter duly signed by Chairman & Vice Chairman.

The bank account balances were conveyed by the Clerk:
Community Account 501.51
Tracker (Reserve) Account 2,500.34

Cheque and paperwork authorised and duly signed for the following:
Lucy Defew (Clerk's expenses for May & June 2010) 39.09

Councillor Colenutt enquired about the possibility of reducing the electricity cost for the streetlights by reducing the hours of provision of lighting. Further discussion took place relating to the lighting system and the Clerk was requested to establish the situation with Pearce & Kemp Ltd (lighting contractors).


Planning applications had been received for:
49 The Street - 3PL/2010/0579/F - Rear one & two storey extensions to dwelling.
The Council had no objection.

Staffords Farm, Sandy Lane - 3TL/2010/0035/TL - Extension of time limit on pp2005/1107/F - first floor extension over existing garage and hall.
The Council had no objection.

Mill House, Mill Lane - 3PL/2010/0695/F - Two storey extension to existing building.
The Council had no objection.

Rocklands Playing Field, The Pavilion, Green Lane - 3PL/2010/0678/CU - Change of use of meadow land to playing field.
The Council had no objection but had the following comment: We feel that a tree planting scheme should be included to replace those being felled.

Shropham Quarry, Swangey Lane - PP/C/3/2010/3011 -Variation of Conditions 1&2 of pp C/3/06/3012 to retain sand & gravel processing plant and make minor amendments to the approved restoration scheme: Ennstone Johnston Ltd Grid Ref: 600311293806
PP/C/3/2010/3012 -Variation of Condition 1 of pp C/3/06/3005 to continue storage and recycling, including crushing and screening of inert wastes: Ennstone Johnston Ltd Grid Ref: 600021293795
PP/C/3/2010/3015 -Proposed modifications to aggregates processing plan pursuant to Condition 9 of PP 3/86/0516: Ennstone Johnston Ltd Grid Ref: 600017293783.
The Council had no objection to any of the three NCC applications.

Planning permission granted for:
Brandywell, Chapel Street- 3PL/2010/0155/F - Erection of 'Norfolk Steel Building' for storage & home workshop
The Spinney, Low Lane - 3PL/2010/0276/F - New garage, extension to dwelling including change of use of land to garden & new vehicular access
It was explained that the 50 The Street Appeal is still pending.
Holly Cottage Appeal site inspection - Councillor Smith explained that he had attended the inspection and described how the subject of backland development had arisen. He enquired about the Council's stance in relation to the issue and further discussion followed. It was concluded that the Council would await the Inspector's decision.

Councillor Smith enquired about the renewal of Mr Mayes' temporary planning permission (3PL/2007/0681/F) for the Poplar Lane Nursery. Tracey Cook agreed to ask Mr Mayes on behalf of the Council.

Site Specific Policies and Proposals Development Plan Document - The proposed changes to Rocklands' settlement boundary were discussed. No objections were raised.

8. Tree Wardens

No further updates.

9. Highways

Councillor Gibbon described the route through Rocklands of the Flexibus service and explained that residents have voiced concerned at being informed of the cessation of this scheduled service. Discussion ensued relating to the reasons for this and the both Councillor Gibbon and the Clerk agreed to contact Flexibus and NCC to enquire about the issue.

10. Flooding

Councillor Smith explained that work has taken place on Low Lane. He also conveyed the concern of a resident in relation to a house sale and the publishing of the flooding survey on the village website. Discussion took place relating to the issue of flooding in the village and there was agreement that the Council is conscious that the right balance needs to be achieved in keeping the issue of flooding as a live issue on the agenda (and considering it in planning applications) and elevating it out of proportion, resulting in residents' having problems when selling property or obtaining insurance.

11. Correspondence

NRCC - leaflets distributed relating to new website (
Norfolk Police Authority's Local Policing Plan Summary 2010 - sheets distributed.
Norfolk Accident Rescue Service & Victim Support - donation requests. No donations to be given. The Clerk was requested to respond accordingly.
Councillor Smith raised the query of whether grass cutting for Chapel Green was in the budget and it was confirmed. He agreed to contact Paul Bacon in relation to this.
*Additional comment - a problem with the village website has arisen with a message from stating that the site maybe harmful when viewed. Councillor Smith is working on rectifying the situation.

11. Date of next meeting

Monday 27th September 2010at 7:00 p.m

Meeting closed at 8:05 p.m