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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Rocklands Parish Council held on Monday 10 May 2004in the Village Hall


P. Cotes (Chairman)
P. Leigh (Vice Chairman)
J. Abel
R. Steel
Mrs. N. Southgate
P. Smith
Mrs. M. Gibbon

J. Rogers (County Councillor)
W. Smith (District Councillor)

1 Parishioner

It was proposed by Councillor. Smith and seconded by Councillor Southgate that Councillor Cotes be re-elected as Chairman this was agreed unanimously
It was proposed by Councillor Steel and seconded by Councillor Gibbon that Councillor Leigh should be re-elected as Vice Chairman this was also agreed unanimously
The Chairman and Vice Chairman signed the statutory documents

As a result of Councillor Abel resigning from the Village Hall committee, the Clerk, had received a letter from the Secretary of the Village Hall committee asking for a replacement Councillor to serve on the committee. Following discussion Councillor Gibbon agreed to take on the duties. The Clerk was asked to write informing of the decision


The minutes of the Annual Assembly held on 5 April 2004 were initialled by the Vice-Chairman (who had acted as Chairman at that meeting) as a correct record
The minutes of the Council meeting of 5 April 2004 were signed as a correct record

At the Annual Assembly it had been decided that the Financial Standing Orders should be amended to include the provision of insurance for Councillor and Clerks whilst in the exercise of their duties. The Clerk had made the necessary amendments and the Chairman signed the amended standing Orders

TREE WARDEN; Councillor Steel reported that his son Michael would like to take on the post and the application had been seconded by Councillor Leigh. This matter had been circulated by e-mail due to the inaugural meeting taking place before the current Council meeting. Councillor Steel and his son had attended a meeting organised by Breckland Council at which National Grid, The Tree Council and DEFRA representatives had been present and laid out their proposals for the Tree Warden Scheme. As was understood the Warden would have no statutory powers but would take on a classification and support role involving the local school. Further details to follow. The Council agreed to that Michael should take on the position

The Chairman who had been absent at the last meeting presented his Annual report. Attached at “A”


Bank Balances and Reconciliation
Less Payments£ 455.87

Community A/c£1,357.44
Business Premium A/c£3,624.39

The Clerk reported that the Community A/c figure included the first half of the Precept £1250.00

The Clerk had received a renewal notice from or current insurers Allianz Cornhill quoting a figure of £ 400.77 for the current year commencing 1 June 2004. As previously request the Clerk asked for a quote from Zurich Municipal Insurance on a like for like basis and was quoted £438.66 After discussion it was agreed to stay with Allianz Cornhill and a cheque was raised

The Statement of Assurance was completed by the Chairman in discussion with the Councillors and the Statement of Accounts and the explanation of variations approved
The Clerk had prepared a Draft Risk Assessment paper and after discussion this was also approved

The Clerks wages were then discussed and in line with a decision made at last years A.G. M it was agreed to raise his wages to SCP 16 of the N.J.C pay scale that is to say £ 7.378 per hour for 140 hours per year which equals £1033.00 per annum
A new model contract had been received and it was agreed that the Clerk and Councillor Steel should liase to see if any amendments were need to the Clerks present contract to bring it into line with current legislation

The Council agreed to continue to make their yearly donations to help with maintenance of churchyards, playing fields and the village hall. Cheques to the value of £50.00 were raised for Rocklands All Saints PCC, Rocklands St Peters PCC, Rocklands Village Hall, and Rocklands Playing Fields, a cheque for The Methodist Churchyard was delayed as the correct designation and address to which this cheque should be sent was not available. Clerk to investigate


Planning application had been received for;

Mr A. Wood, - Rocklands, 86, The Street, 3PL/2004/0333/F -Detached double garage
This application has been withdrawn

Mr C. McLlwhan - Rocklands, 88, The Street - 3PL/2004/0332/F- New window in house. Demolish existing garage and erect new detached garage
The Council had no objections
This application has been approved

Mr A. Johnson - Rocklands, The Post Office, The Street, 3PL/2004/0457 - Single storey shop extension The Council had no objections

Planning permission has been received for;

Mr & Mrs Bidmead - Rocklands, Tuppins Farm, Magpie Lane, 3PL/2004/0004/CU- Change of Use part residential/agricultural. Conditions were imposed

M. .E Russell - Rocklands, Halfway Farm, Sandy Lane- 3PL/2004/0179/F - Errection of egg packing station
This has been approved with conditions

The Clerk reported that he had received from N.C.C a notice of Temporary Traffic Order covering the closure of the B1077 from the corner of Rockland Road to a point outside St Peters Church for “haunch recycling work“. The restriction to commence on or about 24 May2004 for five days or a period of 18 months. A map of the road works and diversions had been received and the Clerk had arranged for it to be displayed in the Post Office window from 17 May 2004 with suitable headers

Councillor P. Smith and Gibbon presented a mock up (see File 34/1 maintained by Clerk) of their view of what the Village Web site should look like with details that with the assistance of Attleborough Partnership the cost to the Council would be about £2 for the cost of a domain name. The web site once put together would need little maintenance as most of the information contained would not need updating on a regular basis The proposal was received with enthusiasm by the Council and the sub committee were authorised to proceed with the project The Chairman expressed the thanks of the meeting for the work put in by the two Councillors

Important items of correspondence were brought to the attention of Councillors and the correspondence was circulated.

The Chairman opened the meeting to the floor
A request was made to see if the street numbering in Chapel Street could be rationalised as there appears to be two number threes and this was causing confusion. Clerk to look into the matter.

A report of fly tipping on the track that leads from Fen Street to the junction with Low Lane was received and Mr and Mrs Howlett of Kirk Hall Farm whose land adjoins the track have agreed to clear it on this occasion. The Chairman asked the Clerk to ascertain who is responsible for the track in case of future problems

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.

The next Council meeting will be on Monday 12 July 2004 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall