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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7.00 p.m.on 10th May 2010

Councillors P. Cotes
P. Smith
District Councillor W.Smith
Clerk: L.Defew

Two members of the public were present, Tree Warden- Richard W.Smith and intrernal auditor - John Goode

The Clerk took the Chair

1. Election of Chairperson 2010-2011

Councillor Colenutt proposed a vote in favour of the appointment of Councillor Cotes as Chairperson; the nomination was seconded by Councillor Jones and carried unanimously. Councillor Cotes was duly elected as Chairperson.

2. Election of Vice Chairperson 2010-2011

Councillor Colenutt proposed a vote in favour of the appointment of Councillor Smith as Vice Chairperson; the nomination was seconded by Councillor Steeland carried unanimously. Councillor Smith was duly elected as Vice Chairperson.

Councillor Cotes took the Chair

3. Apologies for Absence

Councillors N.Southgate and M.Gibbon,County Councillor C.Jordan

4. Declaration of Interests

No interests were declared

5. Minutes of Council Meetings on 12th April 2010

Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate records of both the meetings. The minutes were duly signed.

6. Matters arising from the Minutes

BT red phone box - Councillor Jones explained that the Youth Club have stated that they are not taking over the responsibility of the phone box. Councillor Gibbon has arranged for members of the Youth Club to take part in repainting the box in June/July, bookshelves are to be put up and that many books have been donated.
White Hart Pub - Councillor Cotes explained that he had spoken with Mr Leeder and that an appeal regarding the rate increase has been submitted. Further discussion occurred relating to the potential for a rates reduction if it is the only pub in the village.
New access on the B1077 - Sue Arnold, Planning Enforcement Assistant has informed the Clerk that planning permission 3PL/2004/1446/F was granted in 2004 for the creation of new access and close of existing one.
Weight limit sign on Low Lane - the Clerk outlined the response from Highways which explained why this enforcement was not feasible for the lane.
Internal Audit - Councillor Cotes welcomed the new internal auditor, John Goode. The role of the internal auditor was described and relevant parts of the annual return were outlined to convey the increasing significance of the role. Discussion ensued in relation to a definition of the Council's objectives and the link with the budgetary process. Further discussion also took place regarding the annual risk assessment. District Councillor Smith explained how this related with the issue of risk and governance and described County Councillor Jordan's role as Head of the Risk Committee. He suggested that Breckland Council's Risk Management Strategy would be helpful to use as a guide to risk management for the Parish Council and agreed to send this to the Clerk.

7. Finance

7.1 Adoption of accounts 2009/10 - the accounts book was reviewed. It was established that the rise in expenditure was due to a large increase in the electricity bill. The Clerk was requested to provide Councillor Cotes with the paperwork and original contract. District Councillor Smith suggested that the Council might qualify for payment through the OGC. Councillor Cotes proposed adoption and it was unanimously agreed. The records were signed by the Chairperson and the Responsible Finance Officer.
7.2 Annual Return - the governance statement was outlined and agreed. The Clerk was instructed to find the total fixed assets figure from the insurance documents. The return and bank reconciliation statement were signed by the Chairperson and the Responsible Finance Officer. The Clerk was requested to send the notice of appointment of date for the electors' rights to Councillor Smith to add to the website at the appropriate time.
7.3 Clerk's scale - it was acknowledged that the Clerk's salary scale had increased from SCP16 (8.545) to SCP17 (8.747).

The bank account balances were conveyed by the Clerk:
Community Account 428.28
Business Saver Account 3,000.00
A cheque was authorised and duly signed for the following:
Lucy Defew (Clerk's expenses) 21.13

8. Planning

No objection response had been sent for planning application:
Mr A Bainbridge, The Spinney, Low Lane - 3PL/2010/0276/F
New garage, extension to dwelling including change of use of land to garden & new vehicular access.

9. Report from Tree Warden

Richard Smedley reported difficulties in contacting Neil Thomas, the other Tree Warden. He explained that he has been in contact with Richard Wills from Breckland Council in regards to planting and replanting issues and he has received enquiries in regards to grants for the tree planting scheme. All Saints Church has followed the grant procedure and is now sourcing trees from him. It was reported that students from Easton College have made enquiries in regards to identifying types of trees. A survey of trees in the village has also been started. The Clerk was requested to provide Richard with a map of the Parish to help with this and Councillor Steel explained that he would forward an electronic parish map to the Clerk. Further discussion ensued in relation to the trees on the playing field and the possibility of getting the school involved in the planting of trees. Councillor Cotes emphasized the valuable resource the village had in Richard and expressed the Council's thanks for his work.

10. Highways

Brief discussion about both the filling and the emergence of various pot holes

11. Flooding

Councillor Smith reported that a meeting had taken place with Jason Glasspoole and the work on a section of the drainage along Low Lane was described. Councillor Smith explained that Jason is planning to put forward a scheme which will aim to divert the excess water across into an adjacent ditch rather than the main pipe. However, both the budget and timing would affect the timeframe of this scheme. It was explained that the removal of a nearby hedge has helped the road to dry out. Councillor Smith re-iterated that they are indebted to Mr & Mrs Bainbridge for digging out and permitting the potential changes to their ditch. Extensive discussion took place in regards to the flooding issues at the other end of the village and the best approach to take in rectifying the issues particularly as land ownership is currently in negotiation. The possibility of creating a holding pond at the rear of the Village Hall was considered.

12. Correspondence

Heritage bicycle tour & BT kiosks - the Clerk was requested to forward the information to Councillor Gibbon.
Norfolk Police Authority Independent Custody Visiting Scheme - the Clerk explained that a poster would be put up on the village notice board.
Glass recycling scheme - the Clerk was requested to fill in and return the form to Breckland Council
Norfolk Disability Information Service - the Clerk was requested to fill in and return the questionnaire.

13. Comments from the public

District Councillor Smith explained that the new portfolio structure of creating a single management team for South Norfolk and Breckland Councils was being established and that the interview for the new single interim Chief Executive was taking place the following day. He stated that the aim is to maintain the stability of the councils and the interim arrangement is expected to run until at least October. Councillor Smith also explained that he is responsible for the transformation of the two councils.
14. Date of the next meeting

26th July 2010 at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.