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Minutes of the meeting of the Rocklands Parish Council
held on Monday 7 November 2005 in the Village Hall


P. Cotes (Chairman)
P. Leigh (Vice Chairman)
P. Smith
J. Abel

3 Parishioners


Apologies were received from Councillors R Steel, Mrs N. Southgate, Mrs Gibbon, C. Jordan County Councillor, W.Smith District Councillor


The minutes of the Council meeting of 12 September were signed as a correct record


All matters arising to be dealt with under agenda items



Community Account 1542.57
Business Premium Account3699.31

The Clerk reported that there were no cheques outstanding and that he had received the second half of the precept.

The Clerk reported that when the Chairman had started to prepare the budget he noticed that the payments for electricity were high. On examination he and the clerk discovered that e-on had charged the council twice for two periods. E-on were spoken to and the overpayment was corrected by two credit notes, one was used against the July to September account and the other was credited back to the Community Account.

Invoices for payment

Rocklands Village Hall - Rent 56.00

Clerk's Pay279.65
Clerk's Expenses20.34299.99

Both invoices passed for payment

Pearce & Kemp Ltd - Lighting Maintenance   Direct Debit

The Clerk was pleased to report that he had received the audit papers back from the Audit Commission and that they had found no problems with the accounts.This result has now to be displayed on the notice board for fourteen days

The Chairman presented the proposed budget for the forthcoming year with a comparison with the previous budgets for the past two years. This was discussed and Councillor Smith pointed out that there could be a substantial cost when he could find a contractor to clear rushes from Chapel Green pond, the Chairman thought that there was sufficient flexibility in his forecast to cover this cost. An increase in the amount of donations made for churchyard maintenance was also discussed and it was felt that a possible 10.00 rise to each recipient could be considered. It was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Councillor Able that the precept for the coming year should be set at 3000.00, which is the same as last year. The Clerk was directed to complete the precept form accordingly.


Planning applications had been received from

Mr & Mrs Ives - Rocklands - The Barn, Cottage Farm, Bell Road - 3PL/2005/1414/CU -
Land adjacent to barn to be converted to garden use
The Council had no objections but expressed concerns

Mr & Mrs Morters - Rocklands - Mayfield, Low Lane - 3PL/2005/1378/F -
Extension to dwelling and new garage
The Council had no objections but expressed concerns.
This application has now been approved

Mr & Mrs Pellatt - Rocklands - Barn at Cottage Farm, Bell Road - 3PL/2005/1426/F -
Conversion of redundant agricultural barn to dwelling (revised application)
Application withdrawn before Council decision.

Planning permission has been granted for

Mr Irwin - Rocklands - Common Farm - 3PL/2005/0778-0779-0780-0781/F -
Erection of free-range chicken sheds

Mr Garrod - Rocklands - Willow Cottage, Sandy Lane - 3PL/2005/1155/F -
Extension to create accommodation to cater for disabled child

Alan Johnson - Rocklands - The Post Office, The Street - 3PL/2005/1164/F -
Erection of single storey detached stockroom at rear of Post Office.

Rockland CP School, The Street - Y/3/2005/3008 -
Change of use of domestic outbuilding to classroom

Planning permission has been refused for
Mr & Mrs Thorogood - Rocklands - Rocklands Farm, Mount Pleasant - 3PL/205/1123/F -
Conversion of stables to dwelling

Notification has been received of approval for
Shropham Quarry, Swangey Lane for the extraction of sand and gravel. Ref P/C/3/2004/3031

The enforcement order on The Willows, Sandy Lane has been lifted as the occupant has complied with the notice

Notice of appeal has been received for
Mrs Firmin - re the Old Fish Shop, The Street - 3PL/2005/0359/O -
residential Development

There was nothing to report on this item


There was nothing further to report on this item other than that mentioned in the budget


An agenda and minutes had been received and this was circulated


The Clerk informed the meeting that he had provisionally booked the following dates for the 2006 Council meetings Monday 9 January, Monday 27 February,
Monday 10 April (Annual Assembly),
Monday 8 May (Annual General Meeting),
Monday 24 July, Monday 25 September, Monday 6 November

This was approved.


Items of interest were brought to the Councillors' attention and the rest of the correspondence circulated

The Chairman opened the meeting to the floor and the problem of speeding through the village was raised; this appears to be prevalent at school times. The Clerk was directed to speak to the Liaison Officer to see if a traffic unit could monitor the problem.

There being no further business the meting closed at 8.00 p.m.

The next meeting will be on Monday 9 January 2006 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall