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Minutes of the Rocklands Parish Council held on Monday 13th November 2006 in the Village Hall


P. Cotes (Chairman)
P. Smith (Vice Chairman)
R. Steel
Mrs N. Southgate
Mrs M. Gibbon

3 Parishioners

Parish Police Liaison Officer S.C.McIlwhan

There were apologies from Councillor Able and Smith (District Councillor)

S.C McIlwhan having indicated to the Chairman that he had other duties to attend, the Chairman asked him to address the meeting. S.C. McIlwhan stated that under a new regime now in force at Attleborough Police Station, Special Constables were now being used as Liaison Officers, having more time to be able to attend meetings. He continued that the Liaison Officers could be tasked to deal with complaints of "yobbery" graffiti and other minor offences, with regular officers being called in to deal with more serious problems. On the question of speed in the village he agreed to meet with the Council and the Highway Engineer on the 23 November to assist with his input, he also stated that regular officers were being trained to us portable speed cameras and could be tasked to cover villages with speed troubles. He concluded by saying that he was there to be of assistance and was only a call away. The Chairman thanked him for his time.

The minutes of the meeting of 25 September 2006 were signed as a correct record


The Clerk stated that he had received an enquiry from Great Ellingham Parish Council asking if Rocklands wished to join with them in getting funding for a Village Appraisal. This was discussed and it was felt that the Village appraisal conducted in 2001, was still valid as there had been little significant alterations to the village

Any other matters arising were to be dealt with under agenda items

There being no new possible nominations this item was adjourned



Community Account 1798.98
Business Premium Account3769.92

Clerks Wages 293.55
Clerks Expenses 7.94 Total 301.49

Village Hall Rent 56.00
Renewal of web site 44.65

All invoices passed for payment

The Clerk reported that he had received the second half of the precept

The Clerk reported that the Street electricity contract had come up for renewal during the period between the meetings.He had liased with the Chairman as to acceptance. The Chairman reported that he had checked the increase with his own electricity bills and those at his place of employment, and found that allthough the rise seemed large when comparing with the smaller rises in his own bills, the overall rise was about right. The Council having benefited in not having had to pay the intermediate rises.
Retrospective approval for the new contract was granted.

The Chairman presented the proposed budget to the Council and explained his proposals. He pointed out that even with the proposed increase in the precept,we were still one of the lowest precepts in the area. The proposals were discussed and it was proposed by Councillor Smith and seconded by Councillor Steel that the precept for the next year be set at 3300.00. This was approved.

A letter had been received from the Audit Commission asking for clarification on the difference in monies spent between 2005 and 2006. The Clerk presented figures explaining the variation and these were agreed. Copies of the reply letter are to be found in File R1/13 maintained by the Clerk.

Planning applications were received from

H.Irwin Ltd - Rocklands - Scoulton Road - 33PL/2006/1359/F - Pair of farm workers dwellings with garage
The Council had no objections but felt that a restriction for agricultural use only should be applied

Mr & Mrs Shadrack - Rocklands - Peel Farm, Lower stow Bedon - 3PL/2006/1367/F - Erection of dog boarding kennels
The Council had no objections,but believed that the number of car visiting the site would be greater than that stated,and also had concerns regarding parking spaces, especially if some were used by staff.

Mr & Mrs Wood - Rocklands - 86, The Street - 3PL/2006/1578/F - Rear extension
The Council had no objection

A variation on the Town and Country Planning (Trees) Regulations 1999 had been received regarding the property at the Rookery, 73 The Street, this superceds the document of July 25th 2006

A letter had been received regarding application 3PL/2005/1918/F Rocklands Farm, Mount Peasant stating that this application had been withdrawn.
A further letter regarding a new application 3PL/2006/1171/F Rocklands Farm Mount Pleasant stated that the new applications approval had been deferred until a Section 106 document had been completed to the Council's satisfaction

The Clerk reported that he had received notice that there would be a road closure at Fen Street and subsequent diversions from 27 November 2006 to 1 December 2006. He intended to place the notice in the Post Office window nearer the date.
Councillor Gibbon stated that she had been in contact with the Highways Engineer regarding the "Welcome Sign" and had been informed that the sign could not go up without the village name thereon, but he could not allow the sign with the name on as there is already a "Rocklands " sign on the B 1075.
The engineer is proposing random police visits and /or a "Think Safety " sign used intermittently. A meeting has been arranged for 23 November 2006 at 2.45p.m.


The latest letter on this subject was read to the meeting. The matter is still in committee stage


The representative was unable to attend the last meeting


The dates proposed by the Clerk were discussed and were agreed on. Clerk to inform the hall-booking agent


All other correspondence was circulated to the Councillors

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.10 p.m. with the Chairman wishing all a Happy Christmas

The next meeting will be on Monday 8 January 2006 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall