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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7:00 p.m on Monday 12th November 2012

Peter Smith ( Chair)
Cath Jones
Roger Steel
David Witt
David Howie
Shirley Colenutt

Kim Rushforth (Clerk)

Also present: District Cllr Bill Smith,Richard Smedley(Tree Warden) & 10 members of the public

1. To consider accepting apologies for absence

Apologies received from Nicola Southgate due to a funeral
Apologies received from Alan Fisher (Playing Fields) due to a funeral
RESOLVED To accept apologies from Cllr. Southgate and Alan Fisher

2. To record declarations of interest from members in any items on the agenda

There were no declarations of interest.
The Clerk gave out new Declaration of Pecuniary Interest (DPI) forms that needed completing by all councillors and sending to Breckland Council as soon as possible.
The Clerk also gave out Dispensation forms for all councillors to sign immediately to allow them to participate in the setting of the budget and the precept.

ACTION Clerk to copy completed DPI forms and send originals to Breckland Council

3. To approve the minutes of the last council meeting on Monday 10th September 2012

RESOLVED to approve the minutes that had been circulated prior to the meeting, as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed by the Chair, Cllr. Smith.

4. To discuss any matters arising from the minutes, not on the agenda

There were no matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.

5. To adjourn the meeting for public participation

Meeting adjourned at 7.15pm.
There was a view that the White Hart had not been marketed at a realistic valuation. And that they had had an offer at a professional valuation price.
The Leeders, owners of the White Hart, had written to their MP. District Cllr. Bill Smith confirmed he had met with the Leeders, and gave an update on the situation. There was concern about the applications being submitted as an applicant can appeal against any decisions made by the Council but the public cannot. If decisions regarding development behind the White Hart and the pub being converted back to a dwelling, went to the Secretary of State then any future decisions would be taken out of the hands of the community and the Local Council. Bill confirmed they would like to keep the decision local and suggested a meeting between interested parties to resolve the impasse.
RESOLVED A meeting to be held at the Village Hall as a neutral venue with a Parish Council representative and Bill acting as facilitators may be a possible way forward.
Meeting re-opened at 7.35pm.

ACTION Rocklands PC would arrange the booking and pay for hire of the hall.

6. Finance

6.1 Parish Council Budget and precept 2013-2014
Cost of Parish Council Insurance will be much less if we shop around (Came and Co.)
No payroll fees due to Clerk doing payroll using HMRC Basic PAYE Tools – saves £240.
Clerk's expenses reduced as she doesn't charge for telephone line rental or free calls.
Solicitors Fees for Deeds of Dedication etc. associated with Playing Fields/Sport England
Extra cost of External Auditors due to Sport England grant going through RPC bank account

Cllr. Steel outlined a precept of £4,450 for the coming year based on the predicted figures below. Cllr. Smith proposed £4,450 as the precept for 2013/2014 and this was seconded by Cllr. Jones.

Clerk's Pay 1600.00
Payroll Charge 0.00
Clerk's Expenses 60.00
Cornhill Insurance 550.00
Subscriptions 150.00
Village Hall Rent 80.00
Grass Cutting 60.00
Miscellaneous 50.00
Audit 300.00
Electricity 550.00
Street Light Maintenance; 500.00
Churches 240.00
Village Organisations 240.00
Training 50.00
Total 4430.00

6.2 Financial Position
The bank account balances as at Monday 12th November2012:
Barclays Community Account............ £26256.41
Barclays Saver (Reserve) Account... £ 2101.13

6.3 Cheques in
Breckland Council - Precept...............................................£2,200.00
Consolidated Stock..............................................................£0.28
Sport England - Playing Fields - SLD......................................£650.00
Sport England - Playing Fields - SLD/William Moorfoot ........£24,732.00

6.4 Cheques out (to sign)
CHQ 487 Rocklands Playing Fields - Lost donation Cheque..... £160.00
CHQ 488 Rocklands Playing Fields (SLD)(Sport England) ......£650.00
CHQ 489 SLD (Rocklands Playing Fields - Sport England) ......£870.00
CHQ 490 William Moorfoot (Rocklands – Sport England)....£ 23,862.00
CHQ 491 K. Rushforth – Clerk's Expenses JULY – OCT 2012 .....£23.86
RESOLVED to authorise the following payments. Cheques and paperwork duly signed.

6.5 Standing Orders/Direct Debits
Kim Rushforth (Clerk's wages)
Pearce and Kemp (Street Lighting)
E.on (Electricity)

7.0 To consider planning applications.

7.1 Planning outcomes since last meeting
Cllr Smith described the planning outcomes received since the last meeting.
3PL/2012/0396/F - Edmonds/Stapleford Gr/Wind Turbine - 11 – PERMISSION
3PL/2012/0459/F - Stone/Cottage Farm/Dwelling and garage - 12 - PERMISSION
3PL/2012/0877 - Leslie/Glebe Farm Barn/Removal of condition – 19 PERMISSION
3PL/2012/0930/F - Burroughes/Rocklands Manor/Solar Panels – 20 PERMISSION

7.2 Planning Applications pending outcome
Cllr. Smith reported on planning applications pending.
3PL/2012/0654/F - Breckland Storage/Swangey/Retail caravans - 15 WAITING
PP/C/3/2012/3005 - Shropham Quarry/Restore to agriculture land – 07

7.3 New planning applications since last meeting
3PL/2012/1057/F – Batch (Paul Took) – Holly Cottage – Detached dwelling – 21
Deadline for comments extended until 13th Nov 2012 Meeting adjourned at 8.08pm for public participation in the discussion regarding Planning Application 3PL/2012/1057/F. It was explained that the garage belonging to 4 St. Peter's Close was to be demolished/reduced in size/re-sited to allow access to a new dwelling proposed in the application. Concerns were raised in terms of it being a 'rear development' and as such is out of character with the village, thus setting a precedent for future building. Access to the proposed dwelling would be through a narrow private road - St. Peters Close. This raises concerns for extra vehicles and congestion, problems with parking and access for large vehicles, oil deliveries and in particular emergency vehicles should the need arise.

RESOLVED The Planning Application would be 'called in', meaning it would go before the Planning Committee, with representatives allowed to attend from the Parish Council or neighbours. District Cllr. Bill Smith would speak for the committee.
Meeting re-opened at 8.16pm
RESOLVED To return a comment of OBJECTION

ACTION Clerk to raise objection for the reasons discussed on the Planning Website

7.4 New planning applications since agenda was issued

8. To receive update from Tree Warden(Richard Smedley)

Richard talked about the Ash Tree disease that was currently affecting our trees. Not always easy to tell if a tree is affected as they are losing their leaves this time of year anyway. The disease can be spread in different ways but buying treated logs could help prevent it spreading. Would be useful to have some notes in the Rocklander. The official line is 'don't panic'. Richard will have his analysis equipment for positive identification of the disease, ready for use in the spring. Contact Richard should you have any major concerns.
9. To update on Playing Fields
Playing Fields: Drainage all went well and to plan. The ground is seeded and all looking nice and green and the grass should establish itself during the winter.
Play Ground. Alan Fisher confirmed prior to the meeting that he had now received the £1200 grant from Breckland Council to replace the swings and upgrade the bark pits in the play area.
Condition of the approach road. The Playing Fields Committee had their AGM on the 25th October and as requested by Rocklands Parish Council, all user groups were asked to warn their members to drive slowly and with care. Cllr. Howie updated the committee as he was at the AGM and confirmed that all resident clubs had had a letter. As an unadopted road it is not highways or PC responsibility. If tarmaced, cars would probably travel faster as the current state – full of potholes – slows the cars down ! Alan Fisher has filled in some of the potholes himself. Have discussed speed humps, speed signs, notices, please drive carefully/slowly. This is an ongoing problem as not sure who owns/is responsible for the road.
Fields in Trust: Robert Plumbly confirmed on a compliment slip, solicitor's fee for Fields in Trust – Deed of Dedication would be £340. Proper invoice to follow. An oak tree has been applied for from the Sandringham Estate as part of the Fields in Trust initiative.
Sport England – Deed of dedication ? Sport England had contacted our solicitors direct asking that they secure the £50,000 investment they have made in the playing fields for a term of 25 years.
ACTION Clerk to get terms of grant and determine cost to Parish Council.

Cllr. Smith thanked Alan and the Playing Fields Committee for all their hard work and for making the village and its amenities so much better.

10. To receive update on Highways
Main Road Problems with crossing the main road have resulted in there being a petition in the village stores.
Chapel Green. Problem with cars parking on Chapel Green. Perhaps put stickers on windscreens asking them not to park there.
Complaint. Call from Steven Howlett of Kirk Hall Rocklands concerned about vehicles being driven too fast and dangerously along the minor roads, making a mess and churning up verges. He suggested they may be men/vehicles working on Mr. Thornton's maize crops. JP Wyatt tractor and Suggett was the contractor. Sounds like a similar problem brought to our attention earlier in the year.
ACTION Clerk to ask Cllr. Southgate if she could make enquiries in her vicinity
11. Flooding
Discussed where the new electric water pump should be stored when the Parish Council gets one.
RESOLVED Not to keep it at the shop or the village hall but perhaps could be kept by Richard Smedley
12. Correspondence
13. AOB(Agenda Items for next meeting)
The meeting closed at 8.40 pm.

14. Date of next Parish Council Meeting - Monday 7th January 2013 at 7pm in Rocklands Village Hall