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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7.00 p.m on Monday 11th November 2013

Present :
David Howie, Chair
Nicola Southgate, Vice Chair
Cath Jones
David Witt
Shirley Colenutt
Roger Steel

Kim Rushforth, Clerk

Cliff Jordan, County Councillor

Also present: 5 members of the public

1. To consider accepting apologies for absence
No apologies received.
2. To record declarations of interest from members in any items on the agenda
There were no declarations of interest but it was noted that most of the councillors had an interest in the shop project although not a personal monetary/pecuniary interest.
3. To approve the minutes of the last council meeting on Monday 9th September 2013
Item 14.3. There was a comment ‘but is better than what is currently there’. This was struck through by Cllr. Howie and initialled at the request of the council. RESOLVED to approve the minutes that had been circulated prior to the meeting, as a now, true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed by the Chair, Cllr. David Howie.
4. To discuss any matters arising from the minutes, not on the agenda
The Clerk has placed an advert for a new website person in Rocklands and Great Ellingham PO and ad will also appear in next edition of the Rocklander. Alan at the shop said he might have someone in mind. Ex-councillor Smith had set up the website but it now needs updating. He had said he could add agendas/minutes to website until RPC found a new website person. Councillor Jones suggested an IT literate teenager from the village might be appropriate. Meeting dates for 2014 were circulated prior to the meeting and OKd by the councillors ACTION: Clerk to send agenda and minutes to ex-councillor Smith
5. To discuss Community Right to Build (CRTB)
This was an agenda item this meeting due to a proposal put forward by Alan Bainbridge (AB) in a letter and in person at the last meeting. Councillor Howie asked for comments from the councillors. Cllr. Colenutt was against CRTB because it may jeopardise other projects in the future. Cllr. Southgate has strong feelings against CRTB. This proposal was for building outside the envelope and could raise all sorts of issues for the future. She accepted that AB had put forward a generous offer. Cllr. Witt said he was not against the proposal and it would be useful to the village. Cllr Steel was against the proposal, it was outside the envelope and could open a ‘can of worms’. Cllr. Jones’ view was that accepting such a proposal could open the floodgates for other people/building. She said that AB accepted his timing was wrong and he wouldn’t apply if there was any opposition to the proposal. Cllr. Howie had concerns, especially since outside the envelope, although said AB was a good man with a good heart.
6. To adjourn the meeting for public participation
Meeting adjourned at 7.27pm.
District Cllr. Jordan commented that he liked the village and it would be a shame if the hard work that had been done to sort out the drainage and flooding, were to be undone by building too many new houses. He advised that drainage should be considered at all times for the future of the village. The footpath between Thieves Lane and Chapel Street (via the church) was discussed as atrocious. The land adjacent to the footpath is owned by Bill who wants to level it by scooping off the bumps and filling the hollows. Bill said it used to be ploughed and levelled but since the 80s, is now not allowed to be ploughed. Bill wanted permission to improve the footpath. Cllr. Howie thanked Bill for his offer and said he would get the required permission from Breckland Council. ACTION: Cllr. Howie to confirm OK with Breckland Council The meeting re-opened at 7.36pm.
7. To update on the appointment of a new solicitor
At a previous meeting, it was decided to appoint Nicholas Hancox at Acle as the new solicitor. However, the Clerk went through what was needed with him for the Sport England Deed of Dedication and he gave an estimate of £ 600 +vat !! This was much more than was expected. The Clerk had recently had some dealings with Jackie Raggett who works at Nicholas Daykin and although feedback on Daykin’s had not been good, Jackie Raggett came recommended. The Clerk has an appointment with Jackie Raggett on Wednesday pm to run through requirements and obtain a further quote for the work. This is the earliest appointment we could get as Jackie had been away on holiday. ACTION: Clerk to get quote from Jackie Raggett at Daykins solicitors in Attleborough.
8. To update on White Hart and Rocklands Village Shop and Post Office
Cllr. Steel gave an update. There had been an interview with the Post Office and Rocklands had now been given the go ahead. A contract had been drawn up. There would now be a public consultation for 8 weeks. The current owners Alan and Elaine had now given 12 weeks official notice. Rocklands Community Shop Ltd. (An IPS) had been formed for the development of the community. Prospectus and shares would be launched at a meeting on the 13th November 2013. Cllr. Howie said Cllr. Roger Steel and two others from the committee should be congratulated on a brilliant presentation.
White Hart. Cllr. Jones gave a brief update. The owners of the White Hart had now withdrawn their offer to sell the pub to the village without reason. They apparently now intend to re-open the pub to the public on a part time basis from the end of March.
9. To update on defibrillators
Our contact at the Co-op eventually returned the Clerk’s emails and asked if it was OK to contact Cyril Ruffles to arrange a survey, despite the fact this was what we had been waiting months for already ... Another email followed shortly to say he had now left the co-op and our new contact was Simon Harvey in Building Services and Angela Weigh ( Our details have been passed onto new contacts who would now contact Cyril Ruffles to inspect the village hall – location for the defibrillator.
10. To report on Finance
10.1 Financial position

The bank account balances as at Monday 11th Nov 2013
Barclays Community Account £ 2,730.93
Barclays Saver (Reserve) Account £ 701.74
TOTAL as per bank £ 3,432.67

10.2 Money in since last meeting

20/9 Sport England – Playing Fields – Vat £ 553.00
26/9 Breckland Council – Precept £ 2,392.95
4/10 Sport England – Stuart Canvas (Pitch) and balance £ 32,754.00
7/10 Consolidated Stock £ 0.28
TOTAL IN £ 35700.23

10.3 Cheques out (to sign)

CHQ 514 Armando Trota (Chapel Green grass cutting) £ 80.00 PAID
CHQ 515 Mazars – External Audit £ 240.00 PAID
CHQ 516 Rocklands Cricket Club – Vat reimburse SE £ 553.00 PAID
CHQ 517 Stuart Canvas (SE – Pitch) £ 30,598.02 PAID
CHQ 518 Rocklands Cricket Club – SE Grant balance £ 2,155.98 PAID
CHQ 519 William Morfoot (SE – Drainage) £ 14,736.00 PAID
TOTAL OUT £ 48,363.00

10.4 Standing Orders

Kim Austin Clerks wages
Pearce and Kemp Street lighting
e.On Electricity

Audited accounts.
Received back, signed off for Year End 31st March 2013.
Signatory. Need to get mandate change pack and organise another signatory on the account. Waiting for OK from Cllr. Howie.

Need to get £ 50 from Playing Fields – reimbursement for first Sport England grant payment made (excluding vat) as RPC covered the vat element of the payment. Need to get Cricket Club and Playing Fields to reimburse RPC for the external audit fee of £ 240 that was only charged as a result of the Sport England grant monies having to go through the Parish Council Account.
RESOLVED To split £ 240 three ways. Therefore need £ 80 from each of the Cricket Club and Playing fields.

Precept. Precept forms received, have to be submitted by the end of January. Precept setting on the agenda for the next meeting in January 2014.
11. To consider planning applications.
11.1 Planning outcomes since last meeting
3PL/2013/0261/F HARROLD- Rocklands Mere/Dwelling (25) PERMISSION
3PL/2013/0562/F IRWIN/Mill Farm/Chicken Sheds (33) PERMISSION
3PL/2013/0802/F LESLIE/ 16 The Street / Two storey extension (36) PERMISSION
3PL/2013/0853/F DUNNETT Broom Hill Cottage Mount Pleasant (37) PERMISSION
3PL/2013/0562/F BATCH/Holly Cottage/Detached dwelling APPEAL (21) PERMISSION

11.2 Planning applications pending outcome
3PL/2012/0654/CU Breckland Storage/Swangey/Retail caravans - (15)
3PL/2013/0721/F HOCKNEY / Nelsons Loke / Single storey extension (35)
3PL/2013/0906F DUNNETT/Bridge House Mount Pleasant (38)

11.3 New planning applications since last meeting
3PL/2013/0951EU LAWES Oakglen, Stow Bedon, Breach of Occn. (39)
Cllr. Witt declared an interest in this application. All other councillors had no objection. RESOLVED NO OBJECTION to this planning application.
3PL/2013/0991F HEATON 77 The Street – Extension/office (40)
Very large footprint. Almost twice the size. Concerns about lack of drainage plans. Action Cllr. Jones to see Stephen & Herbert. Cllr Witt will attend re drainage. Action Clerk would get deadline extended for this planning application.

11.4 New planning applications since agenda was issued
None since agenda was issued

12. To receive update from Tree warden. (Richard Smedley)
There was no update from the Tree Warden. It was noted that the tree that had fallen in the pond had been dealt with and would not cause any problems.
13. To update on Playing Fields
There had been some complaint of the floodlights on the playing fields shining into local residents’ windows. The Playing Fields Committee were dealing with and lights would be redirected.
14. To receive update on Highways
Trod and Hedge Cllr. Jones had spoken to Bill Lister (local farmer) re bramble hedge growing along line of new ‘trod’. Hedge would need removing or trimming once a year so as not to block view when crossing road. Cllr. Howie gave permission for Bill to speak as he was present. Bill confirmed he would be happy to trim once a year or take hedge out of allowed. Would have to take care around BT cables buried in ground. Ask Breckland Council to do site visit. ACTION: Cllr. Howie to get permission from Paul Sellick (Breckland Council)
Streetlights Report of some lights out. ACTION: Cyril Ruffles to contact the Clerk will reference numbers of lights out.
15. To update on Flooding
Need to wear boots in low lane – but always wet there – otherwise no problems.
16. To discuss any correspondence
RPC had received a letter from Leah Bisley, a young resident of Great Ellingham asking for money to fund her trip to Japan with the Scouts. Unfortunately RPA are not able to fund such activities. ACTION: Clerk to write to Leah Bisley re outcome.
17. AOB (Agenda items for next meeting)

Date of next Meeting - Monday 6th January 2014, 7pm, Rocklands Village Hall.
The meeting closed at 8.29 pm.