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Minutes of the meeting of the Rocklands Parish Council held on Monday 13 September 2004 in the Village Hall

P. Cotes (Chairman)
P. Leigh (Vice Chairman)
J. Abel
R. Steel
P. Smith
Mrs N. Southgate
Mrs M. Gibbon

J. Rogers (County Councillor)
W. Smith (District Councillor)

3 Parishioners

There were no apologies
The minutes of the Council meeting of 12 July were signed as a correct record
All mater arising would be dealt with under agenda items
Bank Balances and Reconciliation

Community Account£481.17
Business Premium Account£3629.09

The Clerk reported the following matters

A. Street Lighting - David Webster who had the contract for street lighting maintenance has lost his contract with N.C.C and has also pulled out of doing street lighting maintenance with immediate effect. A firm called Cartledge have been awarded the N.C.C contract and will take over the street lighting contract, subject to satisfactory terms being agreed with us, but are not at present located in the Norfolk area. They hope to take up work in October /November. The Clerk has written to them asking for a quote for our requirements. Enquiries were also put in hand to see if an Attleborough based company could undertake the work

B. Electricity supply - The Clerk has been chasing Power Gen to find out when our bill for street lighting electricity would be received. He has now received a letter from e-on energy which is the new name for Power Gen informing us that the contract we had with them has now expired and offering a new contract. The clerk had received a new quote of £276.61 per annum plus V.A.T good for two years. This works out at £69.15 per quarter plus V.A.T an increase of £6.20 per quarter . The matter was discussed and it was agreed that efforts should be made to obtain another quote if possible from an alternate supplier. Clerk to deal

C. A letter had been received from H.M. Treasury informing the Council of a change in the manner that Government Stocks would be handled. This is purely an administrative matter and was for information only

D. Clerks Wages The Clerk had been requested to speak to the Inland Revenue regarding the Council's liability for P.A.Y.E on the Clerks wages. A reply had been received stating that the present system whereby the Clerk reports any change of wages to the Inland Revenue and completes a Review form P180 every two years is sufficient for their purposes. The Clerk will file the letter plus the explanatory note in file R2/2 maintained

D. A letter had been received from Norfolk Accident Rescue Service asking for a donation; in accordance with Council policy the Clerk was instructed to write that the Council does not make donations to outside organisations, no matter how worthy

E. The Audit had now been submitted to the Audit Commission

Planning applications and approval had been received for the following applications
Mr W. Llewelyn - Rocklands - Shepley House, Scoulton Road - 3PL/2004/1076/F - Extension of existing cottage and rebuilding and enlarging existing garage
Mr A. Wood - Rocklands - 86, The Street - 3PL/2004/0901/F - Addition of double garage and alteration of existing garage
A. P. Addison - Rocklands - Moorfield, Mount Peasant - 3PL/2004/1146/F - additional driveway
Eden Meadows - Rocklands - Eden Meadows Riding Centre, Sandy Lane - 3PL/2004/1165/F - Cover for machinery and for blacksmith when on site
An alteration to planning application 3PL/2003/0912/F Mr Steel, Crossways, Chapel Street had been received and as there were no objections no further action had been required

Planning approval had been received for
Ridgeon Properties Ltd - Rocklands - Ridgeons Ltd, Attleborough Road - 3PL/204/0603/F - Extension of existing external paving including a new security fence and surface water drainage
A. Firman - Rocklands - Kelso Lodge, The Street - 3PL/2004/0619/F - Erection of wall to front of dwelling

The Chairman reported that in his other capacity as Chairman of the Village Trust they had been approached by the Playing Field committee for a grant towards improving the floodlighting on the playing filed for evening training. A grant had been made and planning permission sought; the application had been made in the name of the Parish Council to reduce planning fees

Councillor Leigh expressed his thanks to the District Councillor for his help in getting the drains in The Street jetted and added that the work had been done in a professional manner and that at the last heavy rain the drain seemed to have coped adequately. He stated that costing for a drain and sump to be put in the corner of Mr Reynolds field was in hand and this should stop rubbish getting into the drain, it would probably need clearing once a year. Several residents of The Street had agreed to put manholes in their land so that rodding of the drain could be done as necessary
The District Councillor informed the meting that Chris Warren had now left B.D.C and that his work was being dealt with on an ad hoc basis prior to the appointment of a part time drainage engineer.
There was nothing on this item other than the Clerk reporting that the “white Paint man” had been round again marking holes for repair and commenting that the District engineer seems to be well on top of pot hole repairs
Councillor Smith produced hard copies of the opening pages of the proposed village web site which met with the approval of the councillors. He proposed and it was agreed that the web site should be created but for the time being it should not be publicised so that councillors could see the finished product and make any comments on its construction He continued that the Village Shop and the Cricket Club were at the moment the only addition contributors to the site but felt with a little “help” more input could be achieved. Costing he felt would be about £9.99 for two years for the domain name and for two years Web hosting £29.79
The Chairman expressed his and the councils thanks for the work done by Councillors Smith and Gibbon
A letter had been received from Miss Rickard a “junior parishioner” asking for the Councils help in getting a cycle path from Gt. Ellingham to Attleborough . The letter was discussed and the County Councillor pointed out that a cycle path would cost many thousands of pounds per kilometre which the County did not have in its budget, but suggested that the Attleborough Partnership might be able to help. The Clerk was directed to write and reply to Miss Rickard

The items of correspondences of immediate concern were explained to the Councillors by the Clerk with due note to date sensitive items The rest of the correspondence was circulated to the Councillors

The cutting of Chapel Green was raised and the Clerk was instructed to find a suitable person to undertake the cut

There being no further business the meting closed at 8.15 p.m.

The next Council meeting will be on Monday 8 November 2004 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall