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Minutes of the meeting of Rocklands Parish Council held on Monday 24 September 2007 in the Village Hall

P. Cotes (chairman)
P. Smith (Vice Chairman)
R. Steel
Mrs N. Southgate
Ms S. Colenutt
Mrs C. Jones

W. Smith (District Councillor)
C. Jordan (County Councillor)
8 Parishioners


There were no apologies


The minutes of the Rocklands Parish Council Meeting of the 23 July 2007 were signed as a correct record


Any other items to be dealt with under agenda items


The proposed withdrawal of the X3 bus service was discussed and Councillors W. Smith and Jordan informed the meeting that they had been in consultation with Transportation and the relevant bus companies to see if the service could be maintained. Councillor Jordan pointed out that the service was a commercial one not subsidised, so that the County did not have a lot of leverage to influence the providers. It was proposed that letters should be sent from the Parish to the company and County expressing the Parish's concerns.


At the request of the Council Mr David Spencer from Breckland Council attended the meeting to give an overview of the Local Development Framework and where the plans had reached. He explained that the L.D.F comprised of several parts, the Local Development Scheme, Statement of Community Involvement, Core Strategy, Site Specific Allocations, Adopted Proposal Map and an optional Area Action Plan and the whole being brought together in the Annual Monitoring Report. He then continued to explain how far the relevant sections had progressed and what remained to be done. He then continued with the Future Role of Rocklands that we were not considered a Local Services Centre and whether we should continue as we are or allow suitably sited affordable housing.
A copy of the presentation folder is attached to the minutes for future reference and in File R22/1 maintained by the Clerk.



Community Account 493.37
Business Premium Account3831.97

The Clerk reported that the invoice for the legal fees for the Land at Wayland Road had been received and asked for retrospective approval of the cost, which was 446.63 which included VAT. This was approved.

The Clerk reported that he had looked into the items mentioned by the Internal Auditor and found that the Libel and Slander cover would be about 40.00. The Fidelity cover was not required as the Insurance company already gave us 2000.00 cover, which was not shown.

The annual donations to the upkeep of churchyards, playing fields and village hall was discussed and it was proposed by Councillor Steel and seconded by Councillor Smith that the sum of 60.00 be sent to each body. This was approved

This item had been received and would be fully discussed at the November meeting

Planning applications had been received from

Mr Mrs Simms- Little Ellingham/Rocklands - Tenby cottage, Anchor Corner - 3PL/2007/1008/F
Resubmission - New Residential dwelling and attached garage The Council had objections, which are listed on the file

R. Southgate &Son - Rockland - Park Farm, Broadway - 3PL/2007/1109/F -
Construction of new offset steel portal frame agricultural building The Council had no objections

Mr W. Paul - Rocklands - Land at rear of The Orchard, Mill Lane - 3PL/2007/1149/O
Resubmission - Errection of two residential building plots The Council Objected details are on the file

Mr Mrs Bidmead - Rocklands - Tuppins Farm, Magpie Lane - 3PL/2007/1245/F
- Side and rear single storey extension (part demolition of existing structures)
The Council had no objections but concerns were expressed which are listed on the file

Mr Mrs Leeder - Rocklands - The White Hart P H, 47 The Street - 3PL/2007/1267/F- proposed extension
The Council had no objections

Planning permission had been granted for

Mrs Hollamby - Rocklands - 43, The Street - 3PL/2007/0976/F
- Front and rear single storey extensions

Planning application has been withdrawn for

Mrs Firmin - Rocklands - 68 The Street - 3PL/2007/0972/O - demolition of bungalow and erection of 4 dwellings

A letter had been received from Breckland regarding Holly Cottage, Chapel Street, regarding use and it appears that the occupants are in the process of moving their business to new premises.

Notification has been received via Councillor W. Smith that there is a planning appeal in progress re Corner Cottage, Chapel Street.

A letter had been received from Breckland regarding the rights to speak at Development Control meetings

Councillor Smith reported that the sub committee had met and had co-opted Mr David Witt, Mrs M. Smith and Mr Richard Smedley. They were working on obtaining details of all ditches pits etc their state and whether they had been filled in and what drainage arrangements if any had been taken. It is to be appreciated that any remedial action will take time and that any major drainage plan will of course be subject to availability of funding. Meetings will be arranged with the appropriate County officers.

The Council unanimously passed a resolution accepting the 2007 Model Code of Conduct including paragraph 12(2) a copy of which was signed by the Chairman.
Breckland Council had offered to place an advertisement in the press for all Councils who had accepted the Code including Para 12(2) at a cost of 10.00 per Council. It was agreed to accept this offer and a cheque was raised. The Clerk to inform The Standard Board of the Council's acceptance

The state of Low Lane was discussed and the possibility of making the Lane access only was raised. Councillor Jordan stated that short of blocking the road off altogether, any person who had paid his Road Fund tax was entitled to use the road whether suitable or not for the vehicle being driven, and that even "Unsuitable for Heavy Lorries" sign was not enforceable


The contract has been received, signed and returned to the solicitors for returning to Breckland for completion


There was nothing on this item


Correspondence received was circulated to the Councillors.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

The next meeting will be on Monday 12 November 2007 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall