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Minutes of theRocklands Parish Council
held on Monday 28th September 2009 in the Village Hall

P. Cotes (chairman)
P. Smith (Vice Chairman)
Mrs C.Jones
Mrs M.Gibbon
Ms S.Colenutt

W.Smith (District Councillor)

4 Parishioners

The Chairman introduced the new Clerk, Mrs Lucy Defew and welcomed her to the Council


Apologies were received from Councillors Mrs Southgate and C. Jordan (County Councillor)


Councillors must declare any personal interest in any item on the agenda and state whether they are also prejudiced. In the case of a personal interest the member may speak and vote on the matter. In prejudicial interest the councillor must withdraw from the room whilst the matter is discussed.


The minutes of the Council meeting of 27 July 2009 were signed as a correct record


The Chairman reported that he and Councillor Smith had attended the Afghan Training village on the Stanta site at West Toffs set up by the M.O.D. for training soldiers prior to deployment. After refreshments and a presentation they were shown round the site and shown some variations on I.E.D.s. The Chairman managed to spoil one demonstration by bypassing the prepared booby trap, which showed that he had at least listened to the instructions.
Any other matters arising dealt with under agenda



Community Account 402.13
Business Premium Account2494.20

The Clerk reported that he had received the second half of the precept of 1800.00 and this should show up on the next statement

Invoices for Payment

Retrospective approval was asked fro the payment of the Audit Commission invoice of 57.50. This was granted.

Councillor Smith Travel expenses ............ 12.10

D.L.Davis Clerk
Wages......... 344.50
Expenses..... 18.60.........................................363.10

Both invoices passed for payment


The Clerk reported that he had received the audit form back from the Audit Commission and was pleased to announce that it had been approved with a note regarding the Clerk's Tax position, which has already been dealt with. The completed audit had been displayed as required by the regulations.

He also informed the Council that the internal auditor Mrs Parker who has been assisting the Council for several years is retiring and he had written to her thanking her for her help.

A letter had been received from Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue asking for a 25.00 donation. It was agreed that the usual letter should be sent explaining the Councils position as regards donation requests.

The annual precept request had been received and would be dealt with at the next Council meeting when the budget would be discussed.


Planning applications had been received for

Ridgeons Properties Ltd- Rocklands- Ridgeons Ltd, Attleborough Road - 3PL/2009/0739/F -
Removal of redundant store & installation of a portacabin toilet/welfare unit, new site entrance and fencing
The Council had no objections

Mr Garrod - Rocklands - Halfway Farm, Sandy Lane - 3PL/2009/0757/F - Re roofing of existing barn including raising the roof
The Council had no objections

Rocklands - Halfway Farm, Sandy Lane 3AG/2009/0023/AG - Proposed agricultural storage building.
The Council had no objections

Planning permission had been granted for

Mr Beckett - Rocklands - Woodland Horses, Sandy Lane - 3PL/2009/0509/F - Proposed dwelling and office

Mr Davis - Rocklands - Rocklands Village Hall, The Street - 3PL/2009/0543/F Installation of multi use games area behind the Village Hall

S. Metcalf - Little Ellingham/Rocklands- Tenby Cottage, Anchor Corner - 3PL/2009/0551/F - Extension and conservatory

Planning permission had been refused for

Mr Batch - Rocklands - Land to rear of Holly Cottage, Chapel Street - 3PL/2009/0341/F -
Errection of two dwellings and garages, conversion of extg office to residential, demo of existing garage & erect new.

The application for 68 The Street is currently at appeal against refusal.


Councillor Steel reported that there had been two applications for the post and as both complemented each other it was decided to appoint both. The appointed persons are Mr Richard Smedley and Mr Neil Thomas. As the appointment had been close to this meeting it was suggested that they make out a plan of action to be presented at the November meeting and should attend the Annual Assembly to report on progress.

The problem of speeding in The Street was again raised and after discussion Councillor Gibbon was asked to look into the possibilities of The Parish Speed Watch scheme, similar to that employed in Scoulton and Caston.

The flooding committee is to meet on Thursday to discuss the proposals mentioned at the last council meeting


Items of interest were brought to the attention of Councillors and the rest circulated.

The Chairman then thanked Mr Davis, the retiring Clerk, for the devoted service he had given to The Council over the past 11 years, wished him well in his retirement and made a presentation.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.00 p.m.

The next meeting will be on Monday 2nd November 2009(please not revised date) at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall .