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Minutes of meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7:00 p.m on 27th September 2010

Councillors: P.Cotes (Chairman)
P. Smith (Vice Chairman),
S. Colenutt,
M. Gibbon
C. Jones,

Clerk: L. Defew

Four members of the public were present.

1. Apologies for absence


2. Declaration of interests

Councillor Steel declared an interest relating to planning application 3PL/2010?0624/F

3. Minutes of Council Meeting on 26th July 2010

Resolved to approve the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed.

4. Matters arising from minutes

BT red phone box - Councillor Cotes enquired about the progress with the phone box. Councillor Gibbon explained that it has been agreed to include a visit to the phone box in a forthcoming cycle tour. The light is now working but the bookshelves have not yet been installed. Councillor Cotes suggested using the November meeting as a timeframe for the completion of the work on the phone box.

Streetlight electricity - Pearce and Kemp have confirmed that the lights are switched on by photocell, depending on the level of light rather than a specific time, therefore they should work from dusk to dawn. Discussion followed in regards to the number of streetlights, the process followed when one of the lights failed and the need for an inspection of the lights. Councillor Smith explained that he did monitor the lights and Councillor Southgate agreed to undertake the inspection.

Highways, Flexibus service - The Clerk explained that the 7:20am service has been cancelled owing to cost cutting resulting from a survey which revealed a limited amount of use of the service. Buses still run through Rocklands on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Councillor Steel enquired about the timing of the survey and stated that solid figures were necessary to reflect the usage accurately. Councillor Cotes requested that Councillor Steel contact Flexibus to discuss this.

5. Suspension of meeting for public participation.

Tracey Cook explained that Mr Mayes had been approached in regards to the renewal of his temporary planning permission (3PL/2007/0681/F) for the Poplar Lane Nursery and that he had stated that the renewal was going ahead. Councillor Smith explained that the current application is under Little Ellingham rather than Rocklands.
The meeting re-opened
6. Finance
The Clerk explained that the second instalment of the precept had been paid into the bank account and conveyed the balances:
Community Account 2468.96
Tracker (Reserve) Account 2,000.64

In response to Councillor Jones' query, the Clerk explained that no support had yet been given to help with the upkeep of the graveyards this financial year, the Clerk was requested to remind the Council of this payment each July. Discussion ensued relating to the amounts previously given to each of the separate graveyards and the other village organisations. It was established that there was also a provision allocated. It was agreed that the same amounts should be provided this year. Councillor Jones agreed to notify the Clerk of the correct contact for the cheque for the Methodist Church.

Cheque and paperwork authorised and duly signed for the following: Avant Hire Services (Chapel Green grass cutting) 47.00, Pearce & Kemp Ltd (street light maintenance cost increase preceding change of standing order) 8.22, Lucy Defew (Clerk's expenses for July & August 2010) 49.82, All Saints PCC 85.00, St Peter's PCC 85.00, Rocklands Playing Field 160.00, Rocklands Village Hall 80.00
Councillor Smith explained that the renewal for the website is due and it was unanimously agreed that the Council wished to renew. Councillor Smith also stated that he would look into obtaining free web space with Breckland Council.

Councillor Smith raised the query of whether the Chapel Green pond would need to be dug out again given that thick vegetation had seeded over the summer. It was concluded that this would probably not be necessary. In conjunction, Councillor Cotes emphasized the need for safety checks to be undertaken on both ponds in the village. Discussion ensued in connection with a recent solicitors' letter relating to an accident on one of the playing field swings. Councillor Jones and Councillor Smith agreed to do weekly inspections of the Wayland Road and the Chapel Green ponds respectively. The Clerk was requested to establish the necessary requirements for the inspections.

Councillor Cotes enquired about the deadline for the Parish Precept requirement. The Clerk explained this is the 15th December 2010. The Clerk was asked to establish if there is a freeze on the requirement amounts and Councillor Cotes requested that the Clerk provide him with the cashbook and electricity information two weeks before the next meeting so that the budget can be drafted.


Planning applications received for:
Yeomans Cottage, 1 Low Lane 3PL/2010/0855/F & 0856/LB - Proposed rear extension to form conservatory/bathroom. No objection.
68 The Street 3PL/2010/0796/F - Erection of three dwellings & garages. Council objection.
Staffords Farm, Sandy Lane 3TL/2010/0035/TL - Extension of time limit on pp2005/1107/F - first floor extension over existing garage and hall. No objection.
Crossways, Chapel Street 3PL/2010/0624/F - Demolish existing garage & erect new garage with loft storage area. Councillor Steel declared an interest. No objection.

Planning permission granted for:
Mill House, Mill Lane 3PL/2010/0695/F - Two storey extension to existing building.
Rocklands Playing Field, The Pavilion, Green Lane 3PL/2010/0678/CU - Change of use of meadow land to playing field.
49 The Street 3PL/2010/0579/F - Rear one & two storey extensions to dwelling.

Holly Cottage, Chapel Street APP/F2605/A/09/2117426/NWF - Appeal dismissed.

Discussion took place in relation to a potential planning application from Mere Fishery.

8. Tree Wardens

Councillor Steel explained that he has received no further updates from Richard Smedley. He explained that Neil Thomas is currently very unwell and the Councillors conveyed their sympathies to Mr Thomas.
Councillor Jones described the difficulties with various regulations which All Saints Church had recently faced when attempting to plant tree saplings.

9. Highways

A member of the public was permitted to speak and he explained that a number of the speed regulation road signs in the village have been damaged by traffic, a problem which Highways have not yet addressed. . The Clerk was requested to notify the Highways Rangers to establish if they can rectify the problem. The Clerk was provided with the locations of the damaged signs.

10. Flooding

Discussion took place in relation to the recent concerns of a resident in connection with a house sale and the publishing of the flooding survey on the village website. The outcome of the situation was discussed

11. Correspondence

Chapel Green Cottage sign licence - The Clerk was instructed to send licence agreement letters for both 2010 and 2011 at the appropriate times.

'Mayor or Leader - your choice' - letter from Breckland Council. Unanimous agreement that the Council would prefer Breckland to continue to be run with a leader chosen by elected councillors from the majority party. The Clerk was requested to convey this information.

Query regarding Rocklands' main sewerage system. It was explained that some areas of Rocklands are not on the main system.

Register of Electors forms - distributed and signed by each Councillor.

NCC Norfolk Disability Information Service - The Clerk conveyed information relating to a Community Services Directory.

Vitalise - donation request. No donation to be given. The Clerk was requested to respond accordingly.

Councillor Jones reported that the commencement of the Village Hall's 'Muga' project was imminent.

Councillor Smith explained an idea relating to the possibility of forming a 'Rocklands Society', which would aim to enhance the village community. He described the two areas which he thought might benefit from this; the environment of the village and in relation to the history of the village. The Council agreed that this was a positive idea and suggested establishing interest and support by means of an article in the Rocklander. Councillor Jones agreed to submit the article

11. Date of next meeting

Monday 8th November 2010 at 7:00 p.m

Meeting closed at 8:15 p.m