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Draft Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in Rocklands Village Hall
7:00 p.m on Monday 10th September 2012

Peter Smith ( Chair)
Nicola Southgate (Vice Chair)
Cath Jones
Roger Steel

Kim Rushforth (Clerk)

Also present: District Cllr Bill Smith, Alan Fisher (Playing Fields) and 7 members of the public

1. To consider accepting apologies for absence

Apologies received from Shirley Colenutt due to holidays
. Apologies received from David Howie due to holiday/illness.
Apologies from David Witt due to holidays.
RESOLVED To accept apologies from Cllrs. Colenutt, Howie and Witt.

2. To record declarations of interest from members in any items on the agenda

Cllr. Steel confirmed he was friends with those at Rookery Farm (Ref: Planning Permissions.)
Cllr. Jones declared an interest in All Saints church as she is on the PCC. (Ref: Annual donation)
RESOLVED To record declarations of interest from Cllrs. Steel and Jones.

3. To approve the minutes of the last council meeting on Monday 9th July 2012

RESOLVED to approve the minutes that had been circulated prior to the meeting, as a true and accurate record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed by the Chair, Cllr. Smith.

4. To discuss any matters arising from the minutes, not on the agenda

Point 6.2 Mount Pleasant Phone Box.
RS to send letter to residents for ideas to make use of phone box. ACTION

Point 6.3 Library phone box.
Cllr. Steel confirmed that Sue Steel had made a new stamper.

Point 13 Missing water pump.
Cllr. Jones said there had been no response to her advert to find the missing pump in the Rocklander and the Grays confirmed they did not have it.
RESOLVED Another should be bought before it was needed again, perhaps a petrol one rather than electric. Perhaps approach the Mann Trust again.
PS to speak to Peter Cotes re replacement water pump. ACTION

5. To adjourn the meeting for public participation

Meeting adjourned at 7.35pm.
The cutting back of the trees around the pond at Wayland Road was discussed but it was agreed that the Parish Council couldn't do the cutting in case there was an accident or something went wrong.
The Clerk mentioned she had had a call from the Electricity people asking for Parish Council approval for them to cut back an Alder and a Silver Birch around the pond at Chapel Road in a few months.
RESOLVED OK for Electricity people to cut trees back.
Clerk to confirm with Electricity people OK to cut back trees around Chapel Road pond. ACTION
Meeting re-opened at 7.42pm.

6. To agree 2012 Donations to village organisations

The Clerk handed out a summary of the donations made last year totalling £480.
Cllr. Jones suggested that perhaps the Parish Council could give more to Rocklands Village Hall.
RESOLVED To donate the same amounts as last year 2011 (See 7.3 below. Cheques 479-483).
7. Finance
7.1 Financial Position
The bank account balances as at Monday 20th September:
Barclays Community Account............ £ 653.14
Barclays Saver (Reserve) Account... £ 1101.13

7.2 Cheques in There were no payments in since the last meeting

7.3 Cheques out (to sign)
CHQ 478 Mazars. External audit of accounts £ 60.00
CHQ 479 All Saints PCC Annual Donation £ 85.00
CHQ 480 St. Peters PCC Annual Donation £ 85.00
CHQ 481 Rocklands Playing Fields Annual Donation £ 160.00
CHQ 482 Rocklands Village Hall Annual Donation £ 80.00
CHQ 483 Mid Norfolk Methodist Church Annual Donation £ 70.00
Church donations are towards the upkeep of the cemeteries and graveyards and the donation to the Playing Fields is for the Children's Play Area.
RESOLVED to authorise the following payments. Cheques and paperwork duly signed.
RESOLVED Cllr. Jones to take cheques for All Saints and St. Peters churches.
RESOLVED Cyril Ruffles to take cheque for Rocklands Village Hall
Clerk to write cheques for donations ACTION
Cllr. Jones to provide address for Methodist Church to the Clerk. ACTION
Clerk to send Rocklands Playing Field cheque to Alan Fisher ACTION

7.4 Standing Orders/Direct Debits
Kim Rushforth (Clerk's wages)
Pearce and Kemp (Street Lighting)
E.on (Electricity)

7.5Annual Return
The Clerk confirmed that the annual accounts had now been signed off by Mazars, the external auditors and copies would be displayed on the notice board as a legal requirement. The Audit Commission had confirmed that Mazars would be the external auditors for RPC for the next 5 years.
Clerk to display copies of audited accounts on Parish notice board ACTION

8. To consider planning applications.

8.1 Planning outcomes
Cllr Southgate described the planning outcomes received since the last meeting.
3PL/2012/0589/F - Leslie/Glebe Cottage/Dwelling & Cart lodge - 13 REFUSAL
3PL/2012/0621/F - Spratt/The Cottage/2 storey ext/Porch - 14 PERMISSION
3PL/2012/0716/F - Southgate/Park Farm House/2 storey Ext – 16 PERMISSION
3PL/2012/0764/CU - Ewin Rookery Farm / Change of use - 17 PERMISSION

8.2 Planning Applications pending outcome
Cllr. Southgate reported on planning applications pending.
PP/C/3/2012/3005 - Shropham Quarry/Restore to agriculture land – 07
It was noted that Breckland Council had a meeting planned for the end of Sept.
3PL/2012/0396/F - Edmonds/Stapleford Gr/Wind Turbine - 11
It was noted that a wind turbine had already been erected at Stapleford Grange. They had been given permission but RPC had not been sent the outcome.
Clerk to contact Breckland Council re outcomes and lack of paperwork. ACTION
3PL/2012/0459/F - Stone/Cottage Farm/Dwelling and garage - 12
3PL/2012/0654/F - Breckland Storage/Swangey/Retail caravans - 15
Holbrook Leisure still advertising. Previous application was a refusal

8.3 New planning applications since last meeting
Cllr. Southgate described the recent planning applications that had been received.
3PL/2012/0720/F - Dann/Magna Fm, Magpie Ln/Garage to Studio - 17
RESOLVED To return a comment of NO OBJECTON
3PL/2012/0764/CU - Ewin Rookery Farm / Change of use - 18
RESOLVED To return a comment of NO OBJECTON

8.4 New planning applications since agenda was issued
Cllr. Southgate described a planning applications received since the agenda was issued.
3PL/2012/0877 Leslie/Glebe Farm Barn/Removal of condition – 19
RESOLVED To return a comment of NO OBJECTION

9. To receive update from Tree Wardens

It was confirmed that Neil Thomas had moved away so that there was now only 1 tree warden.
Unfortunately, Richard Smedley had sent his apologies as he was unable to attend this meeting as planned, but would attend the next meeting.
10. To update on Playing Fields (Alan Fisher)
Development: The field was being developed, in fact the bulldozers were there removing topsoil and levelling and this would be complete by 11th September. The Drainage would then be done the following week, the area would be seeded and in use by Summer 2013. This would provide another football pitch to take the pressure off the existing one. There would be an artificial cricket strip and nets. The car park would be extended slightly. The Playground area needs upgrading and Alan confirmed there is an application pending with the council since 2 years ago. Cllr. Smith said he had seen an announcement in the newspaper that £1200 had been awarded but Alan was not aware of this. District Cllr. Bill Smith said there were other grants available too.

Condition of the approach road to the Playing Fields was again mentioned as being a problem. Cannot be ripped up and resurfaced as it is a bridleway. Alan agreed signs could be put up to ask drivers to slow down. Need a campaign to make users aware of the problems. Cllr. Smith suggested a letter be sent to clubs and organisations that use the road. Cllr. Steel suggested RPC set up a speed limit, 10mph or preferably 5mph. Suggested there could be legal fees if it involved a byelaw.
RS to speak to Cliff Jordan initially, then Mike Horne at Breckland Council. ACTION
AF to raise problem with approach road at their AGM. ACTION

Fields in Trust: AF confirmed Playing Fields would pay membership to Fields in Trust. The Solicitors fees for registering the land for Fields in Trust would be ~ £300.

Sport England: Confirmed Sport England would pay grant money inclusive of vat. The clerk had prepared a letter (to be signed by Cllr. Smith) to accompany any requests for money made by the Playing fields to Sport England, confirming that payments should be made inclusive of Vat. Alan confirmed the letter was OK.

Cllr. Smith thanked Alan for coming to the meeting and that the update was much appreciated.

11. To receive update on Highways
Potholes: Were notified and have all been filled.
Browns Lane (U3303) unclassified road. Hedges have been trimmed but not sure who has done the trimming. Apparently this is classed as a 'soft' road
12. Flooding
There was one report of flooding after a heavy storm where the water reached the front door of the 1st Council house belonging to Mrs Lister.
13. Correspondence
For info:
Improving Local Consultation on Planning Applications
Norfolk Playing Fields Association First Newsletter (Although not a member)
Norfolk County Council Year Book
Society of Local Council Clerks – offering 4 months free
Yare Valley and District CAB Info about what they do
Local Government Boundary Review 25th October 2012
Street Trading – Designation of consent streets and ~£400 licence
14. AOB(Agenda Items for next meeting)
Update by Richard Smedley – tree warden (Carried forward from this meeting)
The meeting closed at 8.20 pm.

15. Date of next meeting

Parish Council Meeting - Monday 12th November 2012at 7pm in Rocklands Village Hall