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This is intended to be a general guide to planning matters, and should not be taken as a definitive document

The role of the Parish Council

The Parish Council is asked by Breckland District Council for its opinion on every planning application within the Parish, with a response requested within 21 days. If the Application is of particular importance and is between Parish Council meetings a Special Parish Council Meeting may be called. The Council usually tries to obtain the opinions of those who will be affected by a particular application, but determines its response on the effect on the village as a whole. All applicants are advised to discuss their proposals with their neighbours before they apply.

The District Council The decisions on planning applications are made by Breckland District Council. Some decisions maybe delegated to Planning Officers, whilst the Council's Development Control Committee will determine other applications, particularly those where there may be public interest and a large number of representations are received. The District Councillor has the right to ask that a particular application is dealt with in this way. Members of the public, by prior arrangement with Breckland District Council, are able to speak at this Committee meeting.
The District Council makes its decision to control development in the public interest and in line with the policies outlined in its Planning Policy document, and policies issued by the Government.
Whilst views of local residents are always considered, local opposition or support on its own is not a reason for refusing or granting permission
The administration of the planning application process is undertaken by Capita Symonds.
More information can be found on Breckland District Council's website ;

Set out below are some of the "material planning grounds" that the District Council can consider when determining applications:

" Parking and servicing in relation to traffic flow for deliveries
Access, highway safety and traffic generation
Overlooking and loss of privacy, overshadowing and loss of daylight
Design and appearance, layout and density, and visual impact and amenity
Noise, nuisance and disturbance from the scheme
Loss of trees and ecological habitat
Flood risk
Economic impact

The following is a list of issues that cannot normally be considered:

" Loss of view or value to private individual property
Land ownership, private covenants or agreements, boundary disputes
Age, health,status, background and work patterns of those objecting or supporting
Disruption during the building stage.
The applicant's personal conduct or history, his motives or potential