The Next Parish Council

Meeting is on

Monday 10 January 2022

at 7pm in

Rocklands Village Hall

Due to the current status of the Coronavirus pandemic, we would appreciate it if those attending fully comply with the safety measures which will be put in place at Monday’s meeting.

•  To minimise the time for which more people than usual may be in the Village Hall, the planning item regarding the proposed poultry unit will be brought forward to the front of the agenda.

•  We would appreciate it if those persons wishing to address the above planning application help to reduce numbers attending by selecting a smaller number of representatives to attend.

•  Please wear face coverings at all times until invited to speak.

•  Please use provided hand sanitiser on entry.

•  Please sign the Covid-19 attendance register on entry.

•  Please DO NOT move the chairs (a fixed number will be deployed to maintain safe spacing).

Thank you for helping us to reduce transmission risks.

Minutes from this meeting will be posted on the Parish

Council website as normal.

Everybody welcome ! Hope to see you there.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend this meeting.

New Sewer for Rockland St Peter

This is a copy of the presentation given to the public meeting at the Village Hall, by the @one Alliance, on Monday 27 September 2021. Rockland St Peter S101a First Time Sewerage Scheme

Any questions or comments for the @one Alliance should be addressed to: Lucy Foster, Customer Service Co-ordinator

Email:  ( please also copy )

NSFA Be Prepared for flooding

Link to the Norfolk Strategic Flood Alliance poster on 


Notice of Conclusion of Audit


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