ROCKLANDS PARISH COUNCIL Notice of Vacancy There are TWO VACANCIES on ROCKLANDS PARISH COUNCIL. The Parish Council is looking to fill these vacancies by co-option.


Notice of road closure – 16th Feb Magpie Lane

More road closure information Little Ellingham

News on sandbags for flood defence 


The Next Parish Council Meeting is on

Monday 8th March 2021 at 7pm

 Due to the current crisis this meeting will be a ‘Virtual Meeting’.

 Minutes from this meeting will be posted on the Parish

Council website as normal.

 Members of the public wishing to join the virtual

group should contact the Parish Clerk.



For those interested, the report on The Rookery, mentioned at the recent RPC meeting can be found here

Notice of Conclusion of Audit




2021 dates :

11 JAN 2021

8 MARCH 2021

10 MAY 2021

5 JULY 2021

6 SEPT 2021

8 NOV 2021