Parish Council Members

The Council is made up of between 5 and 7 members plus the Clerk.

Chair: Mr David Howie
38 The Street, Rocklands, NR17 1TP

Vice-chair: Mrs Nicola Southgate
Church Farm, Rocklands, NR17 1XW
Responsibilities: Planning

Ms Shirley Colenutt
The Cote, Thieves Lane, Rocklands, NR17 1UH

Mr Richard Harrison
Thornbury House, Attleborough Road, Rocklands, NR17 1UE
Responsibilities: Flooding, Speeding

Mr Tim Ford
Silver Birch, Mill Lane, Rockland All Saints, NR17 1TX
Responsibilities: Defibrillator

Mrs Sarah Martin

31 The Street, Rockland All Saint
NR17 1TR

Clerk: Ms Kim Austin
Poplar Farm,39 Long Street, Great Ellingham, NR17 1LN,
Responsible Financial Officer

District Councillor:
Mrs Sarah Suggitt

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