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Rocklands signRocklands with a population of about 700 lies on the edge of the Brecklands in Norfolk and is an amalgamation of the villages of Rockland All Saints and Rockland St Peter. It is situated between the small towns of Attleborough and Watton on the B1077.



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11 thoughts on “The Village”

  1. I lived here for a few years around 9 years ago, friendly locals and still had its post office and pub running! A great place to live.

  2. Having left the village to join the RN in 1954 I find the minutes of the council very interesting and really look forward to them.

    I cannot remember such democracy being exercised at that time. Such as, where all are allowed to attend meetings and even given the chance of an input.

    Keep up the good work and a big “Thank You” to all the Councillors for keeping all things in order.

    And also to the webmaster for keeping us all so well informed of what is going on

    Much appreciated

    M Clarke
    A Long Gone Rocklander Now a Hampshire Hog!!

  3. Please can you tell me more about line dancing classes at Rocklands. Times, beginners, improvers, intermediate, fee etc.
    Thank you

  4. Hi there, I’m trying to find some information on my Great, Great Grandmother, she was born in Rocklands and her name was Anne Clarke approx 1844.

    Thanks Tim

  5. Hi, my family owned Hollands Bakery and Grocery shop in the 1950s, my father was a child there born in 1949, I am looking for any old photos or information about the Holland-Merten family.
    Thank you

  6. Hello,
    During the course of family history research I’ve discovered that my Great-grandfather was born and lived in Chapel Street, Rockland St Peters. In the 1871 Census, he’s listed as an 8 yearold “Scholar” but this pre-dates the building of the school (in 1875?). As was common across the country, the education of children was often provided by the church. Is anything known about where a school or school room was, back in 1871. Many thanks. Dave Chillistone

  7. Ive just found out my great grandad a William Tilbrook was born in Rockland in the early 1800 he had siblings but he later moved to London to be a police man and died aged 39 after falling from his police horse, are there any tilbrook left in Rockland can anyone tell me

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