Parish Council

Mr David Howie (Chair) 38 The Street,Rocklands,NR17 1TP 483983
Mrs Nicola Southgate(Vice-Chair) Church Farm, Rocklands,NR17 1XW 483209
Mrs Catherine Jones Innisfree,78 The Street,Rocklands.NR17 1TP 483542
Ms Shirley Colenutt The Cote, Thieves Lane, Rocklands. NR17 1UH 488567
Mr Ian Scholes Lynholme Mill Lane, Rocklands, NR17 1TX  488499,uk
Mr David Witt, Haycroft,44 The Street, Rocklands. NR17 1TP 488744
 Mr David Roberts  Dall House, 48 The Street, Rocklands NR17 1TP .
Clerk . . .
Ms Kim Austin Poplar Farm,39 Long Street, Great Ellingham. NR17 1LN 455428


District Councillor: Mr William(Bill) Smith,   Roseland, Long Street, Great Ellingham. NR17 1LN  Tele:456916



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